If you are interested in camping, hiking, or any other outdoor pursuits, you must have the right gear. But, where do you find it? How do you know if the kit is suitable for your needs? Camping and hiking are fun, but the cost of gear and equipment can add up. If you need something to make your trip and experience more comfortable and enjoyable, you have to find the best places to rent camping gear & outdoor equipment.

With all the camping gear out there, it can be confusing where to rent some camping gear for your next outdoor adventure. The best places to rent camping gear are online websites, Outdoor Geek is a perfect recommendation. Yes, you can go into a physical shop, but this depends on your area and whether they have the gear you need. The great thing with online websites is that you can find every piece of gear you need, compare prices and make sure it’s all in good condition. Everything is delivered right to your door with free shipping if you are out of state. It makes for an easy shopping experience.

If you’re planning a camping trip or outdoor event, you may be thinking about buying your gear. Camping gear can be expensive if you purchase it new. Before you shell out the cash, consider renting camping gear and outdoor equipment instead. Renting will save you money; it can save a lot of hassle. Below is a  list of some of the best places to rent camping gear and outdoor equipment:

  1. Outdoor Geek – Colorado-based Outdoor Geek offers unique rental options for outdoor activities. You can rent individual items like tents and stoves or rent an entire package at once. Outdoor Geek rents high-quality items from brands like Black Diamond, The North Face, Mountain House and Osprey. They even rent bear-proof canisters so you can safely store your food when hiking or camping areas known to have bears. They have excellent customer service and free shipping! And if you fall in love with something they have for rent, most of their products are also available for sale on their website.
  2. REI – REI is a top retailer of outdoor gear, with dozens of locations across the country. They have a wide range of equipment available for rent, including tents, sleeping bags and pads, backpacks, camp stoves and cookware. They make it easy to rent online too. You can get started by choosing from their list of popular rentals or by visiting their rental store locator. Once you’ve found what you need and added it to your cart, check out with your credit card or REI gift card. Your rental items will be ready for pick up at your local REI store. REI members also save 20% on one-time rentals.
  3.  KOA – If you’re planning a camping trip at a KOA campground, you may want to check out their Camping gear. Their rental packages include tents and tarps and sleeping bags and cots – everything you need for a comfortable night in the wilderness. You can find a KOA location near you by entering your city
  4. Backcountry is another excellent place to rent camping gear online. They offer various options such as tents, sleeping pads, GPS devices, headlamps, and car racks. They have a very easy-to-use website with great photos and product details. One unique aspect about this company is that they offer free shipping on most products!

There are many reasons why equipment rental is a great idea:

  • Your group or family may not have all the necessary gear. Consumables such as sleeping bags and tents are usually only used on a single trip.
  • You may want to try an activity before buying your gear.
  • Rental equipment can be an excellent way to test new brands and models.
  • You may want to save some space in the trunk of your car by shipping some of the heavier gear ahead of time.
  • Trying new equipment, such as a new brand of tent or sleeping bag, helps you find out if this product is right for you. Before you invest in buying your gear, it can be helpful to spend some time with your rental equipment and see how it works for you while camping or on your next backpacking adventure.

Getting everything you need together for your camping trip can be expensive. If you want to save money, then it’s worth considering the option of renting your gear. There are plenty of places that offer rentals, which saves you money and means less packing to carry. That may mean that you’ll have some additional costs in paying for transporting your rental gear, but overall it could prove to be an economical choice for any camping trips in the future. These four places will allow you to rent camping and outdoor equipment quickly and conveniently.