Even though the structure of this facial Silver 3D Roller Massager seems to have a simple design, the manufacturing process is actually rather laborious. The procedure itself serves as a litmus test to determine whether or not a manufacturer is capable of producing such a component. Even long-established manufacturers who have been operating their businesses for a significant amount of time are quite careful. One of the undeniable benefits that can be received from utilising our Hongjingyuan metal processing facility is the ability to create such high-precision machinery.

Die casting and cnc turning are the two separate sorts of processing that have been used to this particular 3D Roller Massager. The first of these processes is known as turning, and the second of these processes is known as casting. Our facility for processing metals is well-equipped to manage the tasks involved in die casting. The information that pertains to the specifics of these two different kinds of industrial processing operations will be submitted by the owner of the business.

Die casting

Die casting was the method that was utilised in the production of the handle of the 3D Roller Massager that you have observed here. This method of processing is one that does not involve an excessive amount of complexity and possesses an adequate level of precision. This 3D Roller Massager is offered for sale on the market with a selection of three distinct materials from which to choose. The first is crafted from zinc alloy, the second from aluminium alloy, and the third from plastic. These are the steps that must be taken in order to complete the process. The requirements of the customers should, of course, be taken into consideration when deciding the nature of the material to be used. Zinc alloy is the primary focus of our research and development efforts, and we shall discuss the manufacturing process in great detail. The first step is to make a hole in the mould. After the mould has been opened, high pressure is applied to it, and molten zinc alloy is poured into the mould while it is under this pressure. Accuracy is given a high importance at the metal processing company where we work, despite the fact that the method itself is not particularly complicated. Die casting allowed us to create a handle for the 3D Roller Massager, and once we had that, we started working on the surface of the handle to make it look more appealing. Finally, we were able to complete the 3D Roller Massager.

A new surface treatment has been implemented, the surface hair stabs have been removed, and the brilliance of the surface of our general pressure 3D Roller Massager has been improved. After passing through the light and creating a glossy surface, you should re-run the power and silver since this process helps prevent corrosion. Only then will you be ready to proceed. After that, you must to make use of the 3D Roller Massager so as to further improve the allure of the thing in question.

The procedure for producing the 3D Roller Massager has been explained above, and the process for producing the other two rollers will be described further down in this section.

In a facility that processes metals, CNC turning and milling are being used on a silver 3D roller massager.

The roller that is included with this 3D Roller massager went through the turning process on a computer numerically controlled machine. Because we have such high expectations for our Home Facial Tools, we choose to use this method of processing, which requires a very high degree of precision. Our metal processing business makes use of cnc turning to complete the creation of two rollers during the initial phase of the manufacturing process. When the two rollers have been processed, the surface will have specific patterns on it that look very much like engraving on it. These designs will be on both rollers. These patterns are readily apparent. This batch of flower was treated with cnc, and the results are presented here. The two rollers will ultimately end up with fine lines as a result of this procedure, and the following stage will involve electroplating. The roller has been given a silver plating, which makes it shine quite brightly and make it appear very lovely. After going through anything similar to this process, the 3D Roller massager will be completed.

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