Is 321Greetings scam? Well, read all the related informative details below! As people in the United States today used these electronic greetings for the New Year and Christmas, there could be a possibility that scammers see it as an opportunity to fool their defenses. allows them to scam you.

Many electronic and digital greeting sites have appeared online, displaying and offering attractive greetings in digital format. Still, we must be sure that they provide excellent and genuine service to customers and do not scam them.

What is 321 greetings?

We’ll see if 321 Greetings Scam or a real one! Unlike the old tradition and old paper greeting cards, you open excitingly without worry when you receive them. But this is not the same as the electronic greeting card. Digital electronic greetings carry risk.

One hundred and twenty-three greetings offer free greetings to people. These greetings are virtual, or you can say digital greetings and are not made on paper. This offers templates and attractive greetings for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries also for your loved ones. You can also download inspirational greetings and share them with your friends and family or whoever you want. But beforehand, we should see and clarify the site and get the 321 Greetings Scam guarantee.

How to download e-cards from

Well, you can easily save any e-cards you want from website. You must follow some instructions that we have indicated below:

– Visit and enter the twenty-digit eCard number you received in the search box on the right side of your page. You can also click on the link for the ecards, which has been sent to you.

– Click on the Save as PDF option and the ecards will be downloaded. You can place that electronic card anywhere on your mobile phone.

Are321Greetings Scam?

When you browse the 321 greetings com website, you will automatically go to, which means there is nothing called 321 greetings.

It seems that this website offers you various templates and ecards for different events, which you can download and share with other people. The domain is old and was created on May 20, 1997, which is being popularly used among Americans.

But we’re not sure if you download the templates and ecards from; they will be virus free. Instead, you need to protect your device first and then try to download it, and your device is protected by antivirus. But try to learn more about the legitimacy of this site before downloading any electronic cards.


Well, all the previous discussion was about 321 Greetings Scam and what this website has to offer us. Lastly, we can conclude it by advising you to first verify that your device is protected against any viruses that enter your device. Also, please try to get more valuable information on this website before getting e-cards.