Computers have become an essential part of many of our lives. Many businesses utilize computers to perform their daily activities. Many people utilize a personal computer for errands, and to play video games.

With such continued and ever-increasing usage, dedicated servers and virtual servers have become important tools. Today, we’ll focus on three uses for serves.

1. Video Games


Video gaming is a huge part of today’s entertainment industry. Many people over the age of 18 play video games in their free time. They tackle solo adventures in games like Resident Evil Village, where they battle hordes of zombies and other ghouls. In many other cases though, gamers like to partake in multiplayer gaming experiences, in games like Apex Legends. When you play games like Apex Legends, you are running a video game with teammates or against other gaming opponents. The point is, there’s more than one person playing on a dedicated server or virtual private server in your game of choice. You might find yourself trying to forge ahead in a competitive first-person shooter scenario with teammates. Or you might battle in some digital outlands against competitors from an enemy team for an ultimate win.

One of the most popular multiplayer games that utilize servers such as these includes Apex Legends (where you can play as an Apex Revenant) created by Respawn Entertainment. As you battle on a dedicated server through this Apex game, you can either fight against CPU opponents or against other live players. The server can handle the bandwidth and disk space needed to host many players, including your teammates and opponents. This allows you to only focus on obtaining prizes such as Gibraltar’s gun shield so you can mow down enemy team members in this battle royale game.

When you set up a dedicated server or a virtual private server for the sake of video gaming, these servers become an authoritative source of events in a multiplayer game. One benefit of such a server is that it can transmit the needed data about its internal state. This allows the connected clients (players) to maintain their own accurate version of the game world for all players. Video gaming is just one of the ways in which servers are used.

2. Website Hosting

Another more popular use for servers is for hosting websites. If you decide to have a large and intensive website, and millions of website visitors each week, you need a dedicated server. You can do this between shared and dedicated hosting. With shared hosting, you are sharing the hosting with other users. Your bandwidth and disk space in scenarios such as these is restricted. When you utilize dedicated hosting on servers such as a VPS server, your site is the only website on that server.

With a dedicated server, you don’t have to share bandwidth or disk space. This provides you with more space for your website and business brand to grow. When it comes to web hosting, it’s recommended that you have one or two dedicated servers to assist with this. You want to ensure that the dedicated server or virtual server is providing enough bandwidth and disk space so that your website can operate unimpeded. Imagine running a retail business online during the Christmas shopping season. If you don’t have the required servers needed to host your website, then you’ll find your website not performing at its best level. Website hosting is a popular use for servers.

3. Backup


Dedicated servers and virtual servers provide more than just bandwidth space for website hosting and disk space for video gaming. They can also give CPU users backup for their websites. Servers can provide you with the peace of mind that all your digital material is backed up. If something ever happens to your website or any part of your digital cache, you can store copies of each on your server. This will help in the long run if the website ever crashes, or if you are hacked by digital miscreants.