There are over 250,000 sites on the Magento platform on the network, and this figure is growing steadily. To create E-commerce projects, the Magento platform offers a huge number of templates (themes) both on a free basis and on a paid subscription. Today, the consumer has no difficulty in choosing a topic based on individual preferences and characteristics of the product niche. Magento website design company Dinarys will be happy to help you with this.

Benefits of Magento

Magento stands out from its closest competitors for a reason: WooCommerce and WordPress. Perhaps the latter service boasts a longer time on the market. But Magento has more advantages in terms of theme customization, the number of settings and, ultimately, the ability to be unique.

In general, if you take a period of ten years ago, such platforms were associated with slow work, “wooden” templates and paid advertising. Today there are also services that oblige the user to put up with annoying ads when creating a project on a free engine.

There are no such manifestations on professional platforms for a long time. Moreover, the possibilities are almost in no way inferior to the sites created from scratch. A striking example is the transition of many well-known brands such as Puma, Adidas, Nestle, Daily to these technologies.

For young entrepreneurs, the site on the platform has become a way out in a situation of limited budget. It is much cheaper to use a ready-made solution than to develop a project from scratch, hire programmers, testers and developers.

Magento offers its customers proven solutions for specific product niches. That is, the client needs only desire, an interesting product offer and minimal resources. In turn, the service will provide the customer with the widest range of tools, thanks to which it will be possible to design an E-commerce project without programming knowledge.

In order for the appearance of the finished product to meet your expectations, you should follow simple rules when choosing a theme and designing a site.

1. Recurrence of colour solutions and content style with template elements

Like any competitive site hosting service, Magento strives to offer the largest range of themes. In terms of individual settings, each template has sufficient opportunities for uniqueness. At the same time, the peculiarities of the structure, navigation and further construction of user interface fragments should be taken into account.

In practice, the structure of the template is closely related to the design capabilities. For selling sites, it is better to choose simple templates that allow you to focus on the product. Before choosing a template, measure the number of product offerings with the capabilities of the showcase, catalog, and usable space. But to shopware development, contact only trusted companies.

2. Choosing the optimal template

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find a suitable solution for large E-commerce projects in a series of free templates. This applies not only to Magento, but also to analog services. In addition, large-scale projects require a lot of additional functions in the form of payment instruments, integration with crypto wallets, and other gadgets.

Premium themes contain optimally thought-out options with an easily customizable navigation system for organizing an effective online sales system. The cost of using includes technical support with the ability to “finish” the missing solution or make a complete upgrade of the appearance.

3. High quality visual snippets

In terms of visual appeal, one of the best tools is a quality image. This applies not only to product offers, but also to banners on the main page, scrolls, scrolls and other site components where the visual part is used. Pictures should be selected taking into account the predominance of colour solutions at the heart of the site. If the background is light, it is better not to oversaturate the content with dark pictures, as the page will end up dark, with a lack of lighting.

To select pictures, you can use paid or free photobanks. The main condition is the use of high quality photo content and the absence of watermarks.