There are many tips for you to see other people’s Stories without having to log in and not let anyone know that you have viewed their Story. This must be a trick that some people still don’t know even though they have been using Instagram for a long time. Then don’t worry you have chosen the right place where you can learn tips on how to view other people’s Secret Stories, no need to log in. Directly to Instagram can also see it.

There are a lot of tricks that make it possible for you to view Instagram Stories anonymously but as far as I can see the way people usually think the most effective use is that people often turn off the internet to watch but that’s just the case. If you follow them, you can watch them like that, but watching like that is not necessarily safe, it won’t be revealed that you have watched so I will recommend you a better trick to be able to watch without logging in , watch secretly that no one knows .

Method 1: Use Snapinsta

Using a third page is the best way for you to both secretly watch your Story but still watch it in sharp, realistic HD and hear the sound like you see it on Instagram.With SnapInsta You don’t need to log in at all. With high security mode, you will not be afraid of your identity being revealed. But this site also gives us another surprise that not only can you see the Story secretly, but you can see all the things they post such as: Pictures, Videos, reels,… downloadable with HD quality and realistic sound like the original . So this is a great browser for you to view and download high quality images of your idols.

If you want to experience now the great uses of this application, click here:

Method 2: Use StoryViewer

Is one of the most favorite tools in 2022 because of the convenience and many cool utilities that it brings to each user. More than that, it gives me a great feeling of use, an experience worth trying again and again. The StoryViewer browser makes it possible to view other people’s Stories in incognito mode. The browser has extremely high security and does not worry about exploiting and disclosing user information. But with such great convenience, it doesn’t cost anything to use. It also has quick access, no need to download the app and supports all models that can connect to the network. You can download many things posted by other people fully supported in HD quality . What do you think, would you like to try and experience them now? If yes, please click here to use it. 

Link to website:

Method 3: Use Dumpor

Dumpor website is very intuitive and easy to use, no download required, just enter the username, the user profile you want to see anonymously and then click search. As you can see what Story that person has posted today . What photo or video did that person post on the page without even knowing you went to their page and viewed it? There is also the ability to download Stories by saving the content directly on your computer or mobile phone so you can keep your or their memories clearly.

Finally : You can try it out and see which tips you feel are most suitable for everyday use and are easiest to use. How do you feel after reading this article? If it helps, please share this article with everyone. Thank you for reading this article.