As you may already know, the plumbing sector is a very competitive one, and if you’re trying to expand and increase your bottom line, you’ll need to first take a hard look at the way you’re currently running your business. If you notice any inefficiencies, you will need to tighten things up. You might need to start looking at new ways that you can advertise your business too. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can increase your profits as a plumbing contractor.

Invest in Project Management Software

If you’re not using plumbing project management software to plan your appointments, then you’re probably losing some money. Job management software will allow you to schedule jobs in order of importance, avoid things like double bookings, streamline different functions like invoicing, and also allow you to have a better view of your finances. If you’ve been struggling to keep up with all of those things, then you should start looking for job management software for your plumbing business and look for an option with an easy-to-use interface, multiple options, and great customer service.

Build Your Online Presence

If you’ve been relying mainly on traditional methods like word of mouth and print to advertise your business, you will need to spend more time building your presence online. Everything starts with your website and Google Business listing.

You first have to make sure that you have a good-looking website that was optimised for local search. If you absolutely have no choice and you’re strapped for cash, sites like Wix will allow you to create a fundamentally sound website that won’t get penalised by search engines, but if you want the best results, try to find a designer that is known for great SEO.

Once you have that in place, you can build your Google Business listing. The most important part here is making sure that your name, address, and phone numbers are congruent everywhere it’s posted online. 

The next step should be to start releasing content through a blog and try to find a way to have your content featured in other publications. This is something that an SEO company or blog outreach service can do for you. You should also look at things like Google and Facebook ads, and consider offering discounts or freebies to attract leads

Hire Better

A lot of people will focus mainly on the technical skill of the employees they hire. But when someone has a heat pump fixed, their appreciation of the service will have less to do with the actual job that was performed than the impression they had of the person who fixed it.

This means that you have to start looking for employees that have a mix of technical and soft skills. Good communicators are better at explaining the details of a job and are seen as more trustworthy. Empathetic employees are better at putting customers at ease, and organised ones come off as more professional. So start looking for these skills and other soft skills that would make a good impression on clients when hiring new people, and evaluate your current workers on these criteria too.


If you want to increase your bottom line starting today, follow these few tips. And always continue to find new ways to improve your service while keeping your expenses as low as possible.