In today’s digital world, many people invest in cryptocurrency. The crypto market continues to grow, and it can provide you amazing rewards. Are you an aspiring crypto investor? If yes, you’re on the right path. I will reveal to you one of the top crypto platforms in the market. I’m talking about the Yieldnodes. 

Before we proceed on the things you need to know about the platform, let us first understand what Yieldnodes is. Yieldnodes is a multi-node rental program that can meet your specific needs for your cryptocurrency investment. It is considered a good alternative for mining. It was founded way back in 2018 and is known as one of the most efficient platforms in the industry. 

I am confident to recommend Yieldnodes to be your partner in crypto trading. To further convince you, the following are three things you should know about Yieldnodes( 

1. Reliable security 

One of the reasons why you should prefer Yieldnodes is its high-security level. We can’t deny the fact that investing in cryptocurrency is associated with potential risks. Meanwhile, Yieldnodes comes with a high level of security, so it can help you mitigate risks while using the crypto service. Since it was founded way back in 2018, the platform’s goal is to level up its servers’ network security. So, you have peace of mind that you can invest in cryptocurrency with reliable security. 

In addition, the website of Yieldnodes is secure according to the best practices and highest standards in the industry. You don’t need to worry because they have a responsible team that regularly checks the platform’s security. With this, you can expect a convenient and hassle-free experience with Yieldnodes. Although hackers are trying to find the weak points of the platform, Yieldnodes uses advanced technology to provide you extra protection for your cryptocurrency trading

2. Backed by a high-caliber team

Yieldnodes is backed up by competent professionals. Even though the platform only have three years of experience in the bitcoin market, it is surrounded by a professional team. They have a highly experienced COO, CEO, CTO, management assistant, and more. Each member of their team is an expert in masternoding. 

The platform’s team aims for innovation, excellence, commitment, and transparency, making Yieldnodes a one-stop-shop for the users. Yieldnodes also prioritizes the safety and satisfaction of its users. With the friendly and well-experienced team of Yieldnodes, you can get the best customer support you need. 

3. Easy withdrawals and deposits 

If you want a convenient withdrawal and deposit, I assure you that Yieldnodes will not disappoint you. Thus, it can provide you with easy withdrawal and deposit processes. The minimum deposit for Yieldnodes is $/€500. You can also invest up to $/€250,000 if you have enough budget. The deposit process is fast and doesn’t need technical expertise. 

You can have different banking methods to choose from for your convenience. These include SAPP Vouchers, Visa, MasterCard, Bank Wire, and Bitcoin. As you made the deposit, it will instantly reflect on your account balance. 

You can also have easy withdrawal with the crypto service. In your first withdrawal, you can go to the member secure area and choose the withdrawal tab. You don’t need to fill out a lengthy form. It is advisable to make withdrawals on the 15th of the month to dissolve the master nodes quickly. You can also reach out to the customer support team of Yieldnodes if you have concerns about making withdrawals and deposits. 

Now that you learned about Yieldnodes, I will reveal other platform aspects that may encourage you to join. 

Excellent customer support 

Yieldnodes can provide you excellent customer support. The platform comes with a versatile, adaptable, and highly-trained team that will accommodate your needs immediately. You can contact them through email or phone. They have a live representative that will answer your inquiries and concerns while using Yieldnodes. The team of Yieldnodes is approachable and welcoming, so don’t hesitate to contact them whenever you encounter some difficulty while using the platform. 

Easy sign-up process 

Yieldnodes is easy to use. It can provide you with an easy sign-up process. You can finish the sign-up procedure in one or two minutes. Proceed to the sign-up page of their website and fill out the form. Makes sure to give accurate details to prove your identity. You don’t need to worry since Yieldnodes value the security of their clients. They keep your personal information confidential and secured. 

Investing with Yieldnodes 

If you look for a trusted crypto service, Yieldnodes is the best choice. It has many benefits for your cryptocurrency investment. Meanwhile, you should understand first how to invest in Yieldnodes. 

Deposits are in bitcoin 

As you decide to deposit in Yieldnodes, you can receive a unique wallet address through your member’s area, where you can deposit the fund. The deposits are in bitcoin. The withdrawal request is also in bitcoin. If you don’t have bitcoin, you can convert it to any fiat currency like the Dollar or Euro through third-party providers. 

The deposit funds are locked within six months 

The funds you deposit are converted to masternode coins. You can withdraw initial deposits after six months. It is essential to keep the platform running since masternoding needs a lockup period. 

Withdrawal request can take a month 

You can withdraw from Yieldnodes in two ways. You can get monthly profits sent to your account on the 1st of each month or upon the termination of 6 months. The process may take a month since they dissolve the master nodes and transfer them. You can also submit a request for withdrawal to any BTC wallet address. 

You need to decide about your automatic compounding strategy 

If you invest in Yieldnodes, you need to decide about your automatic compounding strategy. You can save the profits as an available balance and withdraw it anytime or compound the profits, meaning you re-invested it in the crypto platform. 

Yieldnodes can help you discover the best techniques to make the best of your investment. 


Yieldnodes can be the comprehensive crypto platform that will allow you to earn more without spending more. With its more innovative features, you can get the highest level of satisfaction you deserve for your cryptocurrency investment. Try the features of Yieldnodes today!