All kinds of wigs make the world of wigs very exciting. Among all kinds of wigs, lace wigs are the most natural. In the lace wig family, the full lace wig is one of the most perfect wigs. This article will introduce the characteristics of full lace wig and recommend three hairstyles suitable for full lace wig for you. If you have never purchased a full lace wig, I suggest you read this article carefully to understand which style of full lace wig will help you more significantly with your beauty.

What is full lace wig

Full lace wig is a lace wig with lace cap. Lace is a mesh-like sheet with a hexagonal structure, which is very light and very thin and does not have a strong frictional effect on the skin. Therefore, lace caps are more breathable and lighter than any kind of wig caps. The most intuitive effect that slender lace brings to full lace wig is that it can make the wig look flawless from any angle. From a distance, the lace mesh seems to melt into your skin. The human hair tied on the lace net seems to grow from your head at this time. No doubt, you are so natural and beautiful in full lace wig!

For most people, the biggest disadvantage of the full lace wig is its high price. Yes, the price of full lace wig is the most expensive of all wigs. But at this price, it is undoubtedly worth it for the enjoyment and effect it brings to you.

3 stylish hair style for full lace wig

In the last article, I briefly touched on the value of the full lace wig and why so many people are obsessed with it. Next, in order for you to choose the full lace wig that is more suitable for you, I will introduce three different wig styles for your reference.

wet and wavy style

Have you ever heard of wet and wavy wig? If I told you, there is a type of hair that can be straightened when it dries and become truly straight. After you wet it with the spray, it gets frizzy again. Would you be surprised? A wig with this magical function is wet and wavy wig. It can be said that if you want to spend the money of one wig and buy two styles of wigs, then wet and wavy hair wig must be your best choice!

I highly recommend wet and wavy full lace wigs for wig lovers who like long straight and long curly hair. Although this wig may be slightly more expensive than regular wigs, it is worth it. After all, for the money you paid for a full lace wig, you bought a full lace wig that can easily get two styles. In addition, wet and wavy full lace wig is also the best choice in terms of fun.

bob style

Bob wig is the first choice for professionals. I mean, if you already work and want to show your professional side at work, then bob wig is perfect for you. I’m sure you can tell that bob wigs are mostly short hairstyles, which look very clean and simple. For those in the workplace, simplicity and cleanliness means efficiency. Therefore, bob wig can amplify your temperament well and make your words more convincing.

Bob full lace wig is undoubtedly the first choice of professional women. It makes you natural, confident, and makes you more trustworthy.

body wave style

Body wave has great curls, which can make people look very beatiful. If there was only one word to describe body wave full lace wig, I would choose to use the word “gorgeous” to describe it. If you need to attend a grand dinner or important party, then body wavy full lace wig must be your secret weapon to amaze everyone. I believe that no one will not be impressed by a gorgeous, elegant and noble body wave hair.


Full lace wigs are the top wigs. You can use it after you buy it, or you can collect it after you buy it. Of course, it is also a very good choice to give it as a gift to important friends, relatives and lovers. When choosing a specific hair style, you should refer more to the location where the wig may be used, as well as the user’s own face shape and other factors.

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