If you have been looking for the best destinations to get married at, chances are that you have seen Samoa placing as one of the preferred places to celebrate your union. Actually Samoa offers this service to a lot of people from all over the world, not only locals. Perhaps you want to take your wedding to the next level by making the ceremony at this majestic, beautiful place. However, there are some common questions that often come to the minds of the future husband and wife: can foreigners really get married in Samoa? How much does it cost? What exactly happens at a Samoan wedding? In which places can I get married in Samoa? And the list goes on. Fortunately, we will tell you the main reasons why people choose to get married in Samoa, so prepare to learn the three principal benefits of walking down the aisle in this amazing destination.

1. Tying the knot at a meaningful place

When it comes to weddings, there are all kinds of people with different expectations. If you have been searching for wedding inspiration, you may have already noticed this variety, and it is important to acknowledge that it is perfectly normal to add your personal touch to this special celebration. The only thing that you may want to consider seriously before deciding to get married in Samoa, is the fact that in this country, marriage is a sacred union to be honoured and preserved over time, which differs greatly from some other geographic regions. To the surprise of many tourists, 92% of Samoans are christians and their culture is very family-oriented. 

Besides having the benefit of enjoying the crystal-clear ocean and a heavenly beach, you will be celebrating your union in a very profound way. On top of that, you can add more specific options, such as being escorted by a group of Samoan warriors and playing traditional Samoan music.

2. It is available for foreign couples

A common misconception about getting married in Samoa, is that it is only possible if you get some sort of complicated documentation done in advance, or that it is extremely expensive and you need to wait for a long time before getting approved. The truth is that you can schedule your marriage services in Samoa, by just providing some simple and ordinary requirements, including your birth certificate, passports, divorce certificate or death certificate of the previous couple (if applicable). As you can see, this is pretty similar to the documentation needed for getting married at any other place, so it should not be an obstacle to planning your wedding in this awesome country.

3. There are budget-friendly options

This is one of the things that many couples pay attention to, and rightly so! It is true that many paradisiacal places have expensive prices, especially in those regions close to the beach. However, Samoa offers you a lot of affordable opportunities, plus, it is relatively very close to countries like Australia and New Zealand, and for this reason it receives a lot of couples looking for an exotic yet romantic wedding venue.