How about reimagining your yoga sessions with your two other friends? Surprised? While the concept is a little too incredible to execute, there is a good chance that you will have a lot of fun, excitement, and adventure while doing so. All you need are three yoga challenge poses to spice 

things up with your pals.

With many of us growing increasingly bored with our secluded yoga sessions at home, yoga is about to spice things up. As the saying goes, the more, the merrier, and yoga with a twist can assist prove this to be true!

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While yoga challenge postures are undoubtedly tricky to master, all that is necessary is a firm resolve and balance. While modifying yoga’s obstacles or positions crosses the border between acrobats and yoga. This is why many of us prefer this kind of yoga as Acro yoga.

To comprehend and learn the less-than-familiar positions of acro yoga, or as we might say, yoga challenge poses for three, certain words are necessary.

As with all other forms of yoga, the plank is an integral part of this one. This plank position is about stacking planks one on top of the other. The primary challenge in this posture is that the base must sustain two flyers above, and the flyers must be able to distribute their bodyweight uniformly. In this stacked plank stance, the first flyer’s feet are balanced on the base’s shoulder blades, while the second flyer’s feet are balanced on the first flyer’s shoulder blades. This pose is all about concentration and toning the entire body.

This stance, I believe, is incredibly beneficial and uplifting for developing a sense of harmony and oneness. This pose is accomplished with the substantial assistance of your other partners, who assist you in achieving equilibrium. Hold each other’s hands and balance your entire body weight on one leg while bending the other in the air to perform this pose. The balance between the body and mind is critical to completing this pose.

This acro yoga stance is most effective when performed in pairs with a third person acting as a Spotter. The bass player’s core and arms, and legs are worked in this stance, while the flyer faces a deep stretch in its back and down to its feet. The Spotter’s role is to monitor the performers’ stretch and extension. The base participant lifts the legs and stretches the arms towards the sky to start this pose. The flyer participant will work its spine and settle its shoulders on the base person’s feet while placing its feet in his hands.

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