Creating a patio or an outdoor living room is perfect if you have a small space on your property. Have you seen popular videos about bunker houses or container vans turned tiny homes? One of the space maximizer tricks is to open up the living rooms and extend them outside. 

Learn three ways how you can merge the livings room into the concrete patio spaces in front of your homes. You can work with a stamped concrete contractor to rebuild the flooring space and pave the way for building an extending interior floor to the outdoors.

Before you get to the nitty-gritty of tiny house patios, here are a few things to keep in mind before when building them:

  • Type of materials to use
  • Durability 
  • Flooring
  • Outdoor materials to accent the space
  • Theme and motif

Ensuring the durability of the patio floors will let you sustain the area. Ensure that the material you choose would provide ease of maintenance for convenience. After all, a living room should be your safe paradise close to home.

Space-saving ideas perfect for small patios

Here are the latest and most innovative ways to revamp your patios. 

1- Create transition steps

Most of the time, you would not care to create outdoor spaces like porches or a front yard garden when you know you only have a small space to work with. That is some misconception that you want to change now. 

Instead of cutting down your ideas, why not cut down the space while innovating the concrete floors and try making transition steps. 

Transition steps are practical ideas to create an illusion that there is s separate room in a home. You can use a pebbled concrete slab to separate the interior floor from the steps leading to the space outside the porch. The porch can have wooden floors or a stamped wood pattern, and the floors inside are made of plain concrete or wood planks. 

2- Build extending decks

Modern homes nowadays maximize space by creating vertical expansions. When you have limited horizontal spaces, maximize the space vertically. One of the familiar ways you probably be a thing right now is vertical walls with functional shelves for storage. That’s one way. But do not limit your perspective.

Here are fantastic ideas to make functional vertical spaces worth your try:

  • Concrete staircase for setting up a coffee table corner with seats spiring up and down.
  • Rooftop decks where you can install concrete floor and build a fire pit or fireplace
  • Hanging library derived from a treehouse idea
  • Extending concrete decks with the patio floor going out

3- Use neutral and pastel colors to brighten up the space

The next idea would require simple moves such as changing the color theme and using space saver accents. 

A typical patio or porch would have chairs and outdoor tables, and most of them would have metal or heavy materials, making them bulky. But if you have tiny spaces, you need to downsize the outdoor furniture you use. 

Why not make throw pillows as the chairs instead of using actual chairs. Then instead of using a sizable wooden center table, why not downsize that into a small square chair. You can redesign the porch into a campfire set up where everyone sits on the floor with carpets and blankets instead of benches and stools. 


Whatever design or style you choose, keep in mind the importance of maintaining the palace comfortable. The crucial part is to select the proper flooring foundation for the outdoor space and ask a decorative concrete contractor to help you. After all, a living room should be a place for comfort, peace, and relaxation. Whether it’s found inside or outside, it’s a small space or a massive one.