The internet has made many things infinitely more convenient. From paying bills to planning a trip or keeping in touch with your family and friends, there are so many activities you can do on a single device. Online tools like apps and websites can help you become more productive and thus save time and money. Moving from one daily task to another can take minutes or even seconds.

           Are you taking advantage of all the great resources available online? If not, here are three tools that will make your everyday life easier.

  1. A Versatile Calculator/Converter  

Calculators and converters are incredibly versatile tools that can help you become a better planner and a more efficient person. Inaccurate calculations can give you a skewed perspective over things and sabotage your plans. Whether you’re paying your bills, planning a long-distance trip, or buying new furniture, you need to know precisely “how much”, “how many”, “how big”, and not only. 

The Calculator Site offers a massive collection of free calculators and converters to help you plan your financial future, a fitness routine, a home renovation project, and many other activities. Whether you’re dealing with sums, dimensions, sizes, or other variables, you can easily make projections about your needs with this incredible tool. 

  1. A Password Management Tool 

Every internet user has accounts on dozens of apps and websites. Choosing the same password for all your accounts is not a good idea because it increases your chances of having your accounts hacked. However, remembering a password for every single app or website, especially if you have multiple devices, can be a real hassle. In the digital age, a password management tool is the equivalent of a safe box because it can help protect your financial information and privacy. 

1Password and LastPass are two password managers that can help you protect your bank accounts, social media profiles, and other accounts. You will have to remember one password: that of the manager itself. 

  1. Offline Maps 

If you travel a lot or enjoy exploring your city, having an offline map available on your phone can save you from a lot of frustration. What if your mobile data runs out or you cannot find Wi-Fi? What if there isn’t any cell reception somewhere? Google Maps is one of the world’s most utilized apps. However, one of the best things about this app that many people don’t know about is that it offers the option to download offline maps of any specific area. 

Another great option is Maps(dot)me, an accurate and highly detailed offline map that includes urban and remote areas. This navigation app is incredibly useful if you travel off-grid or love outdoor sports like hiking or mountain biking. 

Final Words 

Although smartphones have only been in our lives for a couple of years, they have completely revolutionized our world. It’s incredible how many things you can do with a device that fits in your pocket. What are the websites and apps that can improve your lifestyle or your work? You may be surprised by your options.