If you’re reading this article, then you’ve probably heard about Node.js. This platform is of great interest due to enabling full-stack development. Still, many people may hesitate about it. Why not use the more traditional platforms? In this article, we’ll look at the companies that found an answer to this question and started using Node.js. As you’ll see, the list includes some of the biggest organizations in the world. Are you interested in more data on Node.js? You can find a lot of enticing information via this link: https://keenethics.com/services-web-development-node.


Netflix is one of the most popular pieces of software in the world. When you decide to watch some new hit series from this company, remember one thing: your experience uses Node.js as an engine. Why does Netflix focus on Node.js? Here are some key reasons:

1) Node.js enables the integration of the server and the UI: a big problem for all streaming services is the creation of a seamless experience. It’s not enough to have a great player for the users. One should also feature a full-scale cinema-like experience. Integration of front- and back-end enabled by Node.js offers an opportunity to deliver on this promise. An integrated framework can simply work faster because it’s easier to find bugs that occur during the interactions of the user interface and the internal site code when one scripting language is in use;

2) Node.js gives strong integration into browser interfaces: Netflix uses many traditional browser-centric frameworks for its apps. Node.js delivers a framework that fully fits the goals of the company. It provides an experience fully optimized for browser use;

3) Ability to work with a large number of connections: Node.js is also notable for enabling many simultaneous connections. Its asynchronous code and the focus on single-core optimization are the best tools here.


NASA usually needs heave calculation programs, which are not the strongest point of Node.js. Nonetheless, some key software for the organization necessitates relatively small calculations. Using old-style frameworks for those goals is wasteful. Node.js helps optimize many processes by enabling the genuinely fast creation of tools that can resolve emergency issues in the organization.


As mentioned previously, Node.js is very good at many concurrent connections. PayPal works with a large number of users. It needs to provide financial information for a tremendous number of individuals. In this light, Node.js is a perfect solution. It gives a chance to quickly create a well-manageable site capable of working with many customers at once. A strong integration into browsers and their key security frameworks are also positive. Node.js is safer than other platforms for this specific task.

Wrapping Up

To summarize, we genuinely believe you should try out Node.js as soon as possible. Few frameworks are as efficient as this one at creating good sites and apps fast. If you’re interested in helping with this framework after viewing the key examples above, we recommend you address professionals. KeenEthics (https://keenethics.com) presents a perfect option for Node.js business cooperation.