If you’ve got a vacation at a beach resort coming up soon, you’re probably getting super excited! In all the excitement, don’t forget to pack a few key essentials. Here are three things that you should bring with you to make the most of your vacation.

1. Clarifying Shampoo

A lot of the best resorts boast more than just beaches. At plenty of popular all-inclusive resorts, the pool is the real hot spot. If you love hanging out poolside or you want to avoid strong ocean surf when you go swimming, you’ll probably be frequenting the pool every day of your vacation! 

Bear in mind that a lot of time in the pool can take a toll on your hair. The chemicals used to keep pools clean tend to make your hair dry and frizzy, and they may also leave excessive buildup. When you’re in the sun immediately after going in the pool, it can really cook that buildup into your hair and also make the dryness and damage even worse. 

Pack a high-quality clarifying shampoo to keep your hair free of residue and buildup. A good shampoo will also take care of salty buildup from the ocean air. It can also help make your hair more resilient against breakage. 

Since you can only pack toiletries in small bottles if you’re using a carry-on, be sure to pick up a travel-sized container for shampoo. You don’t have to use a ton of product for it to be effective, so a small bottle might be sufficient. If you want to be on the safe side or you’re planning an extra long stay at a beach resort, bring along more than one travel-sized bottle.

2. Sunscreen

Just about everybody goes into a beach vacation with the hopes of getting a great tan. Getting a little bit of warm, summery glow is a totally reasonable objective, but you really have to be wary about the sun. Trying to get as brown as possible could backfire and result in nasty sunburn. If that happens within the first couple days of your trip, you’ll wind up having to significantly limit your time in the sun and contend with considerable discomfort. Furthermore, severe sunburns can result in long-term damage to your skin.

Be conscientious about getting too much sun and try to moderate sun exposure by spending most of your time outdoors under shade. When you’re spending a good amount of time in the water or you’re planning on venturing out of the resort to check out the local sights, be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen. Pick a water-resistant product that has at least 30 SPF

If you’re traveling with just a carry-on bag, you can’t pack more than just a few ounces, but you should definitely bring at least one travel-sized bottle. With enough sunscreen for a day, you can hit the beach immediately upon arrival and not have to worry about shopping for personal care items right away. However, be sure to stock up as soon as it’s convenient. Don’t throw out that small bottle that you brought. Once it’s empty, you can add more and have a lightweight, travel-sized supply of sunscreen to take along with you on excursions.

3. Digestive Supplement

Deviating from your normal routine with snacks and meals can throw your tummy into turmoil. Moreover, you’re probably going to overindulge a little. After all, you’re on vacation! Bring along an antacid to treat indigestion so a bellyache won’t ruin your good time. Better yet, try to stay ahead of potential tummy troubles by bringing along a fiber supplement and a probiotic. Digestive supplements will help fortify your gut against some of the most typical gastrointestinal ailments that commonly afflict travelers.

Ultimately, be sure to plan ahead and pack strategically. Make a list, and do a final check to ensure that you have everything that you need before you make your way to the airport.