Does your team need new business software that allows for team meetings and remote solutions? If so, Microsoft Teams is a great option that can improve your organization’s overall communication and productivity whether you are working from the office or from home.

If you are planning to or are currently using Microsoft Teams to manage your team and business communications, keep reading. In this guide, we will go over some awesome tips and tricks that can allow you to make the most out of this awesome business software.

1. Get your Teams Attention With Urgent Messaging

One of the best features of Microsoft Teams is that it allows you to communicate with your team in so many different ways. With their messaging feature, you can organize your messages for optimal results. For example, if you have an urgent message that you want to send out to your team, you can mark the message as urgent in order to grab your employee’s interests and make sure that they are giving the message their attention quickly.

You can do so by selecting the exclamation mark icon in your messaging dashboard. Additionally, when you send out an urgent message, your team members will be continually reminded and notified of the message until they get to it. This is helpful for those that may be in a meeting to see your message.

You want to use this sparingly, however, and choose to send urgent messages only when completely necessary or when you need an immediate response from a team member.

2. Save Messages for Later

While urgent messaging may be necessary every once and a while, there are also many messages that teams receive that can be saved for later. A great way to stay focused on the immediate goals and priorities of your team is to use the messaging management features on Microsoft Teams, such as the save for later feature. This can allow you to filter through your inbox and make sure that you are tackling high-priority tasks and responding to them while saving additional messages for when you have more time to consider and respond to them.

To access your saved messages, head to the search feature in Microsoft Teams and search for “saved”. As you work through and read your saved emails you can hit the bookmark icon to un-save them.

3. Transfer Data, Messages, and Info Across Teams

A great perk of Microsoft Teams is that you have your own dashboard as well as those made for the entire organization, department, or specific teams. You can transfer messages and information between all of these venues for easy and organized sharing and communication. To learn more about Microsoft Teams, head to the link.

Microsoft Teams Tricks and Tips

If you are hoping to make the most of this awesome software, make sure to start practicing these top Microsoft Teams tricks and tips with your team today.

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