Ever send off an important document, only to get stressed and worry if it will ever reach its destination?

It’s frustrating and anxiety-inducing to think your mail may never get to where it needs to go.

That’s where certified mail can help. 

What is certified mail? USPS certified mail is a convenient way of sending important mail that helps ensure that it gets to its destination.

Here are 3 benefits of using certified mail.

1. Delivery Status and Receipt

Most mail gets sent off and (hopefully) delivered, but sometimes things get lost. With certified mail, you can track a letter and determine if delivery occurred, or if a delivery has been attempted. 

When you send a letter via certified mail, you will receive a tracking number that will allow you to follow your item during the delivery process. Certified mail is the only mailing service that the post office offers that comes with a tracking number. 

This is especially important if you are sending important documents such as tax returns, banking documents, or other important and time-sensitive documents. Why risk having something lost in the mail, when you can have it sent via certified mail? 

You can also opt for a receipt, so even if your mail isn’t deliverable, you will have proof that you sent it. 

2. It’s Affordable

Certified mail is an affordable way to send mail. For only a few dollars, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your mail is en route to its destination. Additional options such as a return receipt requested (showing who signed for the letter) can be added on for a nominal fee. Paying a few extra bucks to track your mail and ensure it is successfully delivered is a worthwhile investment.

Even though it’s already affordable, your certified mail cost can be reduced even further, if you opt to do it online.

3. You Can Send It Online

The best aspect of certified mail is that it can all be done online, without needing to go to the post office. You can send a certified letter online without needing to leave your house.

Online services allow you to sign up for an account, select your payment method, and decide if you want them to mail it for you. If you have a physical letter, you can have it scanned and then upload it to their site. 

Sending certified mail online is a great option if don’t want to leave the house, or if you plan on sending multiple letters and don’t want to make repeated trips to the post office.

Consider Using Certified Mail

You should consider using certified mail whenever sending an important document through the mail, whether it’s a personal letter or business mail. Certified mail is an affordable, easy-to-use solution, and certified mail tracking allows you to see when your mail delivery occurred.

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