Remember the days when you would hide your computer away, probably in your spare room, because it looked clunky and ugly? Laptops were so fragile and needed those bulky cases to protect them. Nowadays though, computers are almost a fashion accessory. Apple plays a huge part in this but so does the gaming industry where many people make their own awesome arrangements and designs. Clearly, not everyone wants to build their own computer with the external video card and whacky multi-monitor setup though. Nevertheless, there are some pretty cool things that you can do with your equipment. First, you can learn more about the type of computer you’ll need before you launch into designing your ultimate setup. 

3 Amazing Examples of a 6 Monitor Setup 

If you really want to see what’s possible with computers and their 6 monitor setup, then you should check out the photos from past computer mod competitions. There are some crazy designs out there with funky shapes, whacky colors, and cooling systems that look like they belong in another galaxy. 

One of the most famous custom-made computer and desk combinations was made for one of those competitions some years ago. It was known as the L3P D3sk and it essentially involves all the computer parts arranged in a see-through desk. Of course, the designer included some funky colors as well as making a unique water-cooled system. 

Having said that, even without going to that level of detail, here are some accessible arrangements that you can actually try out:  

1- Landscape- Arranged Monitors with Steering Wheel Controls 

Imagine your 6 monitor setup as two rows of three monitors each arranged in a horizontal orientation. Then, in front of your keyboard and perched on your desk, are the awesome driving controls of your new game. Whether you’re in a Forza Horizon 4 game or a simple online rally competition, you’ll appreciate just how real it all looks and feels. Also, with the high-tech graphics card of your computer, you’ll be sure to have fast refresh rates. These give you a more dynamic gaming experience with greater chances of winning. 

You Should Try It 

Of course, not everyone is an avid gamer who needs high-spec graphics cards. Either way, two rows of three monitors each does essentially give you a super widescreen. You’ll easily meet all your professional and entertainment needs. Think about what a mini-cinema would look like as soon as you switch to ambient lighting and pull out the armchairs from the corners of the room? It’s also very easy to arrange your 6 monitor setup this way. This is thanks to adjustable mounts that you can drill to the wall. Although, one word of caution is to make sure that you can connect everything easily from your display ports to your wall-mounted monitors.

2- Portrait Monitor Arc Arrangement 

You can either arrange all 6 monitors in an arc around your keyboard and in portrait orientation. It’s a bit like creating a semi-circle around your central space. Another option is again to have two rows of 3 portrait monitors on top of each other. This arrangement also gives you an immersive experience. Moreover, with the levels of resolution these days, it will be like stepping into another world. 

Give it a Go

If you decide on the one-row arc arrangement then it’s easy to place each monitor next to each other on your desk. You don’t even need adjustable wall mounts. This widescreen approach will also give you a great gaming and cinema experience. Although, you might find yourself turning your head a bit too much if you’re using your 6 monitor setup for work. 

3- Combined Portrait and Landscape Arrangement 

This 6 monitor setup layout is probably most suited for professionals who want to view various programs across their different monitors. For example, if you’re reading lots of text then you might prefer to use a portrait-oriented monitor. Alternatively, graphs and photos are probably better viewed on a landscape monitor. Again, your integrated graphics card power comes in handy for that extra image quality. 

Test it Out 

For this arrangement, you might have to install some adjustable wall mounts as well as some desk mounts. Use trial and error to work out what’s best for you and your workflow though. Also, don’t forget that you need to make sure that your 6 monitor setup screens are at the right height. This is to avoid you straining your eyes or scrunching your back. 

Final Thought on Your Ultimate 6 Monitor Setup 

Depending on how creative and hands-on you want to get, there are endless possibilities for how to arrange your 6 monitor setup. The final decision is very personal, very much like Mac versus Windows 10. It all depends on how you run your equipment and how much gaming you do versus reading, writing, or working with graphics. Either way, you’ll need a powerful computer that can deal with your multi-monitor setup. This means getting a good CPU, RAM, and graphics card specification within a device often referred to as a trading computer. Then, it’s really up to how you want to play around with your visuals. Trial and error still work best although don’t forget to get the right lighting to truly enhance your experience.

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