Converting documents to other formats needs a lot of effort before. This problem finally ended when people found out that there are converters out there that will make things easier for them. However, unfamiliar tools could be a little tricky for some people to find because they do not have a clue on which converter to use since there are hundreds of tools provided by the Internet today.

If you have not yet found a tool worthy of your trust, consider using PDFBear. This online converter has impressive capabilities that will help you accomplish everything in less than a minute. If you’re interested to know more about this remarkable tool, just keep on reading!

PPT to PDF Converter

One of the causes of why people chose to convert documents to PDF is that they want to make sure everything they put in the file will remain the same even if they transfer and send it to other devices. Moreover, it will look good in the eyes of others if you present and share it through PDF. If you are still puzzled and still don’t have any idea how to convert PPT to PDF, PDFBear will help you throughout the process.

The procedure will be executed in less than a minute; therefore, there’s nothing to feel anxious about. To start the process, visit the PDFBear website, and then click the PPT to PDF button to begin the process. After that, immediately upload your file. Once the process ends, you can now download it on any of your available devices.

Word to PDF Converter

If you have any difficulty converting Word files to PDF, our PDFBear will help you get through that problem as long as your device is connected to the Internet. The process is quite the same as the previous one; it’s straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of action.

For the primary step, you need to import or drag your Word document to the toolbox. After that, hit the Convert button to begin the operation. Once the conversion is done, directly save the converted document on your computer. So easy, isn’t it? See it for yourself and behold the magic, Pal!

PDF to JPG Converter

Our PDFBear can also change from PDF to other formats depending on what you need. If you want to convert PDF to JPG, prepare your PDF and drag it in the box to commence the conversion process. After that, you can now share it on your computer by downloading the converted file.

PDF to PDF/A Converter

If you’re one of those frustrated individuals who want to convert a PDF to PDF/A, but can’t find a tool appropriate to your needs, today will be the end of your long time problem because PDFBear will be there to rescue you.

The primary step you need to perform to carry out the whole process is to drop your PDF into the box or select a file to start the conversion. After doing a quick scan and converting the document, the converted file will be available and ready for download. Don’t waste your time and download it immediately, Pal!

Excel to PDF Converter

Transferring an Excel file to another device is a risky move if you won’t convert it to PDF; the whole content might change during the transfer, and you can’t undo it anymore once you share it with other people. Always secure the document by converting it to PDF before passing it to others.

The process of converting an Excel file to PDF doesn’t need a lot of steps. You only need to drop the file or look for it on your device by hitting the Select Files key. The next step is to choose anything from the options given and then hit the Convert button to launch the process. After the conversion, you can directly save the converted file on any of your vacant devices. 

PDF to Excel Converter

Our PDFBear has the power to convert other document formats to PDF and, of course, vice versa. If you want to convert a PDF to Excel format because you miss out on something, you can make it happen with the help of our PDFBear, Pal! The process is similar to the things mentioned above; there’s no need to worry about how to execute the steps because it’s entirely given once you visit the website.


The PDFBear online converter is made to be a helpful companion to humans. You’ll no longer have unproductive moments trying to figure out which tool you should use because you already found the one. Visit the website to see the other unique features of PDFBear!