If you’re interested in learning more the details about the 2ss Gpo This article will give you the information, where you can find it, and how to access it.

Are you fascinated by Roblox games? Are you a fan of adventures on the beach? If yes, is it likely that you’re fascinated by maritime sports? Doesn’t that make sense? Have you heard about Grand Piece Online?

If you’re searching for the location of 2ss and other details, we’re here for you do not worry! Fans all over in the United States, United Kingdom are awestruck by new updates to the game. What exactly is included new in the latest updates? Let’s get into the details to find out more about the 2ss Gpo.

What is GPO?

Gpo also known as Grand Piece Online is a maritime Roblox game based around the maritime adventure. Grand Quest Games develop the game that lets players explore the hidden islands that lie in the ocean. Players can explore and gather treasures as well as exotic fruits in order to boost their skills.

Additionally they are able to take on difficult bosses, get better at their job, and explore new locations. Furthermore they can also compete against other players or battle with their team.

On September 12 2021, the game’s developer announced the huge update to the game. The update adds minibosses, new bosses, rarest items that can be obtained and six new islands, among others.

2ss Gpo-a short introduction

Every sword used in this game has its own unique capabilities and damage levels. 2 Sword Style, also known as 2ss is a combat strategy that makes use of two blades for attacking. In this case, you carry the second sword in the hand you prefer. Additionally when the weapon Haki is in play, Nitoryu or 2ss’ actions change in colour from purplish to Nitoryu.

2. Sword Style location in GPO?

First of all, you need to possess 1ss. Therefore, head to Roca Island to obtain this type of fighting. Then, make sure you unlock all the skills and have topped 1ss before going into two-ss Gpo. After that, you return towards your New World, where you need to go to Alabasta. Once you arrive at the docks in Alabasta take a turn to the north. The 2SS trainer is on the tiny island to the left.

How do I get 2ss in Gpo? Gpo game?

You are now aware of the place, so go into Sashi Island to learn 2ss. It is necessary to make 100k Peli to gain access to all the 2ss skills. You’ll receive important items such as Mushasi’s katana or The book by Nitoryu. The first thing is that Musashi will give you 100k Peli for fighting you if you talk to him. Finally, you have 2ss Gpo.

Therefore, each attempt to take on Musashi will improve your skills and offer an “book for Nitoryu” which you could use. There are two katanas in combat, with one on the left arm and one in the right. To unlock the abilities of 2ss you must beat Musashi several times (Max 5 times).).

When you’ve defeated Musashi Keep in mind that he’ll continue to grow formidable. After you’ve completed the 2nd ss, you’ll no longer fight him to get drops. In essence, you have five chances to get the boss’s drop. Repeat the process until you can unlock the boss’s final move.


You are now aware of the capabilities from 2ss Gpo. This is why you must ensure that you have all 1ss before you get 2ss. Make sure that you have 100k peli before fighting Musashi. Additionally, the moves include the 72-pound phoenix the raging whirl, the tower climb Nittoryu strike, Rashomon draw. These can help attack the opponent from two directions simultaneously. Therefore, we hope you will enjoy the game of naval adventure. learn all the techniques to advance your game.

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