The 25th Island of Greece is the island of Tinos. It is one of the Cyclades, a group of islands in the Aegean Sea. Tinos was one of the first inhabited human settlements. The Tales were born on this island that has been an area for many important events in Greek history such as the birth and death of Socrates and his trial.

Tinos had 3,200 years ago by 675 BC to become a member state in what was then called “the city-state” or “poleis.” During this time it became a democracy known as Gortynia after its capital city, Gortynos which means “gorge or canyon.

The main god of the island is saint Gerasimos of Tinos who the island is dedicated to. Saint Gerasimos is identified with Saint Gerasimos of Serifos and is often depicted holding a loaf of bread.

The main occupation on Tinos, agriculture has continued to decline as the industry sector grows in importance. The coast of Tinos is quite rocky while the interior has fertile land. Its main economy consists mainly, with most products being exported to other parts of 25th Island of Greece and abroad due to its size and location, in particular citrus fruit and marble which are the island’s major exports plus it also produces Santorini Konserves primarily known for their fish dishes.

Tinos is also home to one of the most important centres of Church architecture in Greece. Its many churches, chapels and other religious buildings is under the registration of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Tinos is an island where you can find different species of trees, grasses and wild flowers. There are also many water springs that flow all year round. If it rains, Tinos becomes a labyrinth full of streams and rainbows.

Where is Vliopouli located?

Vliopouli is located in the Salento region of 25th Island of Greece, in the island of Zakynthos. Just 27 kilometers west of Athens, and has a maritime climate with hot summers and mild winters. The city saw its first signs of permanent settlement during the Bronze Age, but was mostly under during Roman rule. Vliopouli’s population has increased until today, to more than 14000 people.

The municipality is well-known Villa Poli (the town) by Albanian residents while most other Greeks use Vliopouli as their name to distinguish it from other towns on the island.

Vliopouli’s history dates back thousands of years; in fact it has been continuously under the Romans, since the Bronze Age. During the Roman rule, it begins to be a major port city and its infrastructure was in it’s early stages. During this time, Vliopouli became one of the most important cities in Zakynthos and suffered many attacks from foreigners. The sea represents an important part of Vliopouli’s history, were usable by Greeks as well as Romans, until today. In fact Vliopouli still has an active fleet to transport goods from place to place within the island, but also beyond its borders.

Some interesting facts about the 25th Island of Greece

The 25th Island of Greece is well-known as Mostafa, but not just because it’s the 25th island. The name comes from the Arabic word for “most beautiful,” which is a fitting title considering mostafa’s striking beauty. In addition to its unique name and beauty, the island offers an array of natural wonders. One of these wonders includes a 1,099-meter cliff that towers over the Aegean Sea high enough to make you dizzy looking down into it. This cliff is one of the best places to see from on Earth by National Geographic explorers and travel writers who have seen it in person.

Located in the Eastern Aegean Sea and signed as one of the northernmost islands. Mostafa is a popular tourist destination for visitors looking to escape the mainland during the summer. The island’s stunning natural beauty makes it a fantastic place to unwind and to relax. Mostafa has been well-known a “must-see” among the many tourist destinations in Greece. While there are several ways you can visit this island, we recommend flying via an airplane leaving from Athens International Airport towards Karpathos National Airport considering it only takes around 40 minutes to fly there. You can stay on Mostafa for extended periods of time or as little as a day trip from Athens.

Early stage of 25th Greece Island Settlement:

First settled over 3,500 years ago, Mostafa was originally a small nymph throughout the Bronze Age. Even after settling down and becoming a modern-day island, Mostafa is still well-known as one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. There are a variety of things to check out while on this island for any visitor regardless of what you’re looking for.

Nearby, there are many inviting restaurants to eat at while on your trip to Mostafa. These restaurants offer fresh seafood along with authentic Greek dishes that you can’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for a place where you can eat at a local taverna or even an ancient ruin, try Corfiote Thalassa Tavern (Corfiotis Alidha) or Didimou Taverna (Didimo Taverna).