YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, 2 billion people visit the site on a monthly basis with an average session duration of under 40 mins, and 73% of the adults in the U.S use to watch video clips. The platform is used widely to entertain, promote, and entertain the audience.

YouTube is the second most popular social media platform, which makes one thing quite obvious, the platform is well-liked by people.

Similar to all other things on the internet, getting higher views on YouTube has always been a goal of all content creators. In pursuit of the goal, they end up throwing money at shady businesses in the hopes of promoting their content. Such content creators buy youtube views for YouTube with the hopes of either convincing other users that a huge number of people have watched these videos, so they should too or deceiving YouTube’s algorithm into believing that they have a huge fan following.

If you’re a content creator or a marketer on the platform and wish to raise the view count on your content, you must remain patient as the entire process will take quite some time. But if you have taken your steps correctly and carefully, you’ll be rewarded with a better user experience, more views on your content, and other opportunities through which you can promote and expand your channel and audience.

YouTube is the second most visited website, which says a ton about the extensive number of viewers the site has, making it one of the world’s leading platforms to reach out to a massive audience. The platform has the ability to make its users viral overnight, regardless of the topic of the video, whether it is on teaching others how to create muppet origami, spoofing presidents, or sharing recipes.

So, how do you get more views on YouTube and get people to engage with your content? Here are some 20 odd tips for doing just that.

Garnering views from YouTube’s organic search results

Similar to the search result algorithm used on Google, YouTube also has an algorithm responsible for filtering the most relevant and best content to its users.

Imagine if a blind person was responsible for filtering and categorizing content by which content was best; sounds quite difficult, doesn’t it. Fortunately, YouTube’s algorithm takes multiple factors into account before deciding which content is best and ranks it accordingly.

  1. Add Keyword rich and descriptive titles.

This where your hunt for keywords begins an interesting and descriptive title will help you accomplish two things. It provides keywords to YouTube’s algorithm, which allows it to filter content by relevance and pique a user’s interest, making them curious about what your content is all about. To conduct research on relevant keywords, you can utilize typical SEO tools like keyword planner or other keyword research tools.

To find out the popularity of a keyword on YouTube, Select YouTube Search on the far-right corner on Keyword planner. Optimizing your content with the relevant keywords will attract organic views by notifying the search engine and the users just what your content is about.

2. Use Keyword-rich and quality descriptions.

Through the video description, you can inform the users as well as the search engine what your video is exactly about. This helps in increasing the click-through rate, as users are aware of what your video is all about.

Try to make your description stand out and generic simultaneously; the description should pique the viewer’s interest and include short-tail keywords that will help in the search result ranking. Entice users with your description while making sure it remains optimized for the YouTube search engine as you would for general SEO meta description.

3. Include Tags

Tags on a YouTube video further helps in distinguishing what the content of your video is about and helps the algorithm categorize and understand what other users will see when they’ll view your video. Tags reflect the core of what your video is about, along with the title and description. 

Conducting research on popular keywords is helpful in deciding which keywords to include.

4. Optimize your Hero image.

Hero image or the thumbnail can work miracles when it comes to increasing views on your YouTube videos, whether they’re on the suggested videos section, organic search results page, or a social media site. Utilize high-resolution images that include fonts that are readable and engaging, as well as closeup shots, if any, in your video.

Using a thumbnail image that visually corresponds to the title and description of your video helps in boosting views on your video.

5. Include transcripts in your videos.

Transcripts or captions in your video have been debated heavily for their influence on YouTube ranking. Still, captions can be useful in garnering more YouTube views as they cater to an international audience as well as the disabled.

Ranking well in YouTube’s organic search is particularly helpful in increasing your views significantly and provides for a sustainable method for viewers’ traffic. Content creators can also buy YouTube views to achieve short-term goals. Buying YouTube views is not a great long-term strategy since behavioral analytics have more significance as ranking factors to YouTube’s ranking algorithms.

6. Increase views with your video content.

The quality of the content you post on the platform is the deciding factor to how many views your video will get. Great content will result in better behavior analytics that YouTube’s algorithm will recognize and reward your video with a better ranking in organic search results.

7. Make content that entertains, educates, or both.

The content you make should provide some value to the viewer, whether it teaches them how to understand, do something, or even keep them engaged and entertained. When viewers find your content valuable, they will return for more and increase the views on your future video content.

8. Piggyback off viral trends

Create video content on already existent viral trends. When there is a market desire for more content within the content of a viral trend, why not take advantage of it.

Of course, it is not always an easy task to tie your video to an ongoing trend, but if you find a nifty way to do it, it will be useful in boosting your views on YouTube as there is already a demand for more content on the ongoing viral trends.

9. Use Guest YouTubers

Much like guests posting on blogs, inviting other popular YouTubers, industry professionals and influencers, or a person of note with a huge following can make your views on your video content to a new height. Just like influencer marketing, guest YouTuber’s with a huge fan following can help provide a different and unique perspective to your industry’s sphere.

Include a link to their content or website in your video description, and this helps in building a beneficial relationship based on reciprocity.

10. Generating views from the YouTube platform.

YouTube intends to keep the users on the platform for as long as possible since they earn a huge amount of cash from adverts, and the more users watch, the more they’ll earn from advertising. Hence, there are numerous ways you can go to increase your video views and Free Subscribers.

11. Take inspiration from the best in the Industry.

Picasso once said, “good artists borrow, great artists steal,” while we are not advocating for plagiarism of any kind. The point mentioned above still holds when it comes to popular YouTube videos. The suggested video section that appears on the sidebar when a video is completed is a huge opportunity for boosting your YouTube views, YouTube’s algorithm will display similar videos here as they would on an organic search result, but there is one minor difference, the videos displayed here have less to do with searched keywords and more to do with relevance to the video the user just completed watching. Hence, the videos shown at the end here are similar to the videos watched before.

Optimizing your videos to be relevant to other popular video content increases the chances of bringing users to your videos and channel faster.

You can also target similar descriptions, keywords or create content that goes over the same topic in a more engaging manner or provide information in a better and accessible way.

12. Use cards.

 This YouTube optimization feature allows you to promote your other content on your videos; you can create cards that can be used to get more channel subscribers, promote other video content, donate to a non-profit, encourage users to participate in a poll, send traffic to your website.

These cards can also be utilized to redirect users to your other lesser viewed video content and subscribing to your channel. Utilize behavior analytics to find out at which point users stop watching your content to implement the card beforehand to make sure it gets seen by the viewers.

Behavioral analytics provides you with numerous insights and metrics that you can utilize to make an informed decision that helps you increase views on your video content. 

13. Effectively use End screens.

Effectively utilizing the end screen allows content creators to inform users with all the relevant information regarding the channel, other curated playlists, videos recommended, and your verified website. 

Whether you’re including links to your other video content or gaining more subscribers, both optimization features directly or indirectly help boost views on your content.

To include End Screen notations, go to the video manager page, click edit on the video you wish to edit, finally on the End Screen & Annotations tab. From this tab, you will be able to add additional features.

End Screen notations are an effective way of promoting your own content before content by other YouTuber’s is promoted and takes away viewers from your channel.

14. Using Marquee to promote videos.

Utilizing a marquee video on YouTube can be useful in spreading awareness regarding your channel and the content that you post. A good marker is for your video content to have 5,000 views at least so that it will appear in more search results due to its already existing popularity.

You can also utilize other optimization features such as end screens, cards as well as links to your other video content within the marquee video. Similar to internal linking on websites, marquee videos can effectively push traffic and views to your other videos that are less popular in general.

15. Set Embedded videos to autoplay.

Autoplay will allow the video to begin playing when it is embedded on a website automatically. However, you should be careful while you use this feature as it can also annoy some users. If the content of the video is explanatory, it can be useful as viewers can immediately jump to the clip that is explaining how to perform or do something.

16. Create Playlists

Create and curate playlists for your viewers so they can consecutively watch content in an easy and comfortable manner without having to search through all your uploaded videos. Once the first video ends, the next one begins immediately, which increases the views for each played video without requiring users to navigate off the media player.

You can also embed playlists and post them on your channel. You can also have other users share your playlists; this helps in increasing total views for each playlist.

Make each of the playlists unique and provide them with a flow and relevance with the order they are to be played. Arranging videos in a playlist by the order is great for educational and entertaining content that goes in-depth on a topic or for one that tells a story.

17. Be Present with your niche community.

Promoting yourself as an expert on a topic is one thing but being active amongst your niche community is another. For instance, you can comment on videos by other content creators and offer your feedback or advice, link or mention information missing from a video, provide a link to others to your content to provide them with more details.

Try to be as helpful as you can, and you will be rewarded with more users that will not only subscribe to your channel but also increase views on your videos.

18. Off-page view boosters

Videos posted on YouTube can be viewed from a variety of different social media platforms too. Content posted on YouTube can be embedded and shared, often virally with nothing more than just a few mouse clicks. Here are some techniques you can utilize to get more YouTube views off the platform.

19. Increasing SEO ranking and Subscription Plugins.

Ranking on search engines is also a viable factor in raising the view count on your videos since the videos have the potential to outrank the platform that they are featured on in the search engine results.

Videos embedded on websites also count as a backlink, and such backlinks help improve the SEO ranking. Even a decent ranking on a search results page can help double the videos’ traffic and increase the views.

Embedding your videos will already help increase more views on your videos but including a subscribe button to your channel will be extremely useful in the long run. Around 50% of views on a video come from your subscribers. So, increasing your subscriber count will, in turn, increase the number of views on your content.

20. Share your video content on social media platforms.

Promoting your content across various social media platforms can work wonders in attracting views to your YouTube videos. You can reach out to your entire network by sharing the links with your network, sharing a link as a post, adding it to the description of your profile can be useful in boosting views.

In addition, by pushing the traffic from other social media platforms to your YouTube channel, you will gain favor with the algorithm by becoming the source of numerous session starts, which are sessions that originate on some specific videos on the platform. Sessions beginning on your videos show that your content is bringing people to the platform, which in turn results in better organic ranking and more appearances in the suggested video section.

There are also numerous sites and boards where you can promote your content. Quora topics and different subreddits that are relevant to your video’s interest and target audience are an ideal place to promote your videos.

There are even subreddits to share your content with YouTube enthusiasts to increase views on your content, such as the subreddit /r/GetMoreViewsYT. This subreddit allows its users to post videos and vote on the ones they liked the most. The videos shared by the winner get stuck to the top of the subreddit for a week for other visitors to visit and watch.


Raising views consistently on YouTube can take quite some time. The platform has employed its own checks and balances that ensure only the quality content reaches its users. Try to build an active subscriber base as they will make up the majority of views on your videos. In that way you can amass a great number of views organically without even buying youtube views or stuff like that.