18-Wheeler commercial trucks and trailers roam Houston’s highways daily. The accidents with an 18 wheeler are one of the leading causes of death and injury in the United States. If you are in an 18 Wheeler accident in Houston, you need a knowledgeable and experienced 18 Wheeler accident attorney to defend your rights. Attorneys at Zehl & Associates are ready to help you. In this article you will find the reasons for the 18 Wheeler accident, why to call the Houston 18 Wheeler accident lawyer, why you should not talk to the insurance companies, and information that the lawyer will collect.

Reasons for the 18 Wheeler accident

18 Wheeler accidents can be caused by a number of reasons. Some of these are:

Driver Tiredness: 18 Wheeler drivers have very strict schedules and drive long hours. This causes them to be canceled and put people driving around at risk. The hours that the boss expects from his 18 Wheeler drivers are 70 hours within 8 days. Allowing them to drive 14 consecutive hours after being off work for 10 consecutive hours. When driving so many hours, the fatigue of the 18 Wheeler driver occurs.

Distraction: 80% of 18 Wheeler accidents are due to driver distraction. Anything like panoramic billboards, taking your eyes off the wheel, or taking your eyes off the street can lead to an 18 Wheeler accident.

Effects of alcohol or drugs: Driving and using alcohol or drugs can also result in an 18 Wheeler accident. The level for driving under the influence of alcohol must not pass 0.08% of the BAC test. Being under the effect reduces concentration, vision is reduced, the coordination of the hands and feet is affected and you are not in your six senses to drive.

Among other reasons are cargo transportation errors, trailer brake failure, sudden mechanical failures, bad weather conditions, driver negligence, disobeying traffic signals, cell phone use, and high speed.

Why call an 18 Wheeler accident attorney?

When you call an 18 Wheeler accident attorney, you will receive medical treatment at no cost. But you should call as soon as possible to the Zehl & Associates office. Our offices are open 24 hours and 7 days a week. 

We will go to the site where the accident occurred to personally attend to you and gather the evidence and information necessary for the case. We also visit the home or hospital. And we take care that your rights are well protected.

The insurance company will try to minimize your amount or not pay you for your 18 Wheeler accident.

Does the insurance want to pay you? Call Attorney at Zehl & Associates

Do not talk to the company with which you suffered the accident or to the insurance company. The Lawyers at Zehl & Associates will handle talking to them. Remember that whatever you tell them, they will use it against you. And they are always looking for a way to pay you the least amount of money possible.