They say weddings are a romantic affair. Well, it’s not just the romance that’s all around but a bouquet of emotions, too. Right from the start of your wedding day, you feel butterflies fluttering inside you because you are heaps excited. Once you begin getting dressed for the ceremony, there’s a mental picture that starts playing of how you’ve been imagining each and every part of this day, from having your make-up and hair done and slipping into the dress to walking down the aisle and twirling during your first dance. You are happy, excited, a little bit nervous, and so much more. 

Weddings have a charm of their own, don’t they? There’s a warm, cheerful, and rosy aura about them that not only the couple but the guests feel, too. It happens because family and friends get together to celebrate a special day – your day! 

The Magic Of Music

Wedding music is an essential part of the ceremony, and you have to have a clear picture around it. Some couples find it unnecessary and leave the task completed in the hands of the band. Music splashes life into a wedding ceremony and sets the right mood for guests. 

It can be a fun task to select the music of your choice when you are planning your wedding. It can provide a much-needed break from all the hectic wedding preparations happening around you. It’s also a great way to bond with your significant other before you say, “I do.” 

When there’s no music at a wedding, guests tend to find the ceremony dull and feel that something is missing from it. So, it’s best to keep the guests entertained and engaged with a repertoire of songs that strikes a chord with everyone. 

Having said that, one kind of wedding music that no one can go wrong with is classical. There’s something about it that stirs up the most sentimental feelings in our hearts, amirite? 

A Classy Take

Classical music is timeless. It can match the opulence of a ballroom or church as smoothly as it can amplify the aesthetics of a beach or garden wedding. If you have chosen a trendy list of songs for your wedding, the chances are that nearly 10 years down the line, you might question your choice. With classical music, there will be no room for regret, fair dinkum!

For some couples, creating a playlist of their choice of songs gets difficult if they have conflicting tastes in music. More often than not, they find classical music saving their day – it’s familiar, charming, and appeals to almost everyone’s sentimental side.

The finest way to incorporate classical music into your ceremony is to go for a wedding string quartet

Stringing It Together

String quartet songs are played by a viola, cello, and 2 violins. This kind of live wedding music sits perfectly well with indoor and outdoor ceremonies alike. This ensemble composes the most prolific harmonies.

An important point to consider while selecting your wedding music is that it should go well with the venue. A wedding string quartet mingles melodiously with any kind of venue. Most string quartet bands offer string trio, duo, and solo options if you’re running on a tight budget. 

If classic, romantic, timeless, graceful, or traditional are the words that you identify with the vision of your wedding ceremony, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of 15 popular string quartet and classical music wedding songs to help you make your dream wedding come true:


  • Canon: This song adds grace to a wedding processional with its mellow tunes. Have a listen.
  • Bridal Chorus: We are in love with this version of the song played by a string quartet. It’s delightful and truly enchanting. 
  • Suite No.3 ‘Air’: The soft tunes of the violins and cello paint an idyllic picture that’s so mesmerising. This song makes you feel no less than royalty. 
  • Ave Maria: This classical and soulful number brings out the romantic in us. It’s wholesome and soothing to the core.
  • Bittersweet Symphony: The light and fresh notes of this song have a reassuring touch. Listen to it here.

Signing Of Register:

  • Salut D’amour: This one is perfect for an outdoor venue, like a garden. It’s sunny, uplifting, and romantic.
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Sure to get everyone smiling and warming their hearts, this number can never get old. 
  • Romanza (Mozart): A classic Mozart melody such as this is great to maintain the tone of the ceremony. Especially when it’s transitioning from processional to recessional. 
  • Winter (II): Heavy with the violins, this song is dreamy yet comforting. A great choice to keep the zing alive among your guests.
  • Romeo & Juliet: With elegant live wedding music like this one, your guests can soak in the sheer emotion of the moment as they wait while you sign the register. 


  • All You Need Is Love: This rendition of The Beatles’ classic exudes joy and excitement – the best way to welcome new beginnings.
  • Firework Suite (I): This rousing piece has the right harmonies that are upbeat and instantly boosts the mood. It’s sure to make your recessional feel royal and festive.
  • The Prince of Denmark: The majestic melody of this song makes it a popular recessional pick. Imagine walking out with your husband to this powerful classic. 
  • Wedding March: High on drama, this one is another favourite that makes its way to almost every wedding playlist. It’s traditional and grand. 
  • The arrival of the Queen of Sheba: This classical piece fits perfectly for a recessional. The tempo is high and euphoric – perfect for making your wedding a royal affair. 

Make sure to discuss your playlist with the string quartet band in advance and share your ideas. Music makes a wedding transition smoothly from one part of the ceremony to another. So, pick some of these popular classics for your wedding ceremony and make it a ripper of a time!