Do you want to increase resources for your business? Wondering why your Instagram page as a brand is not booming off even if you have a great offline presence? Here are few clever ways by which you can use Instagram stories for businesses.

Top 15 Ways to Use Instagram stories for Businesses

1. BTS shoots

The BTS shoots offer much more than that of posting the real content. In some way, it offers to be much more attractive to engage your consumers. Brands often use this strategy to post multiple contents which help them in providing a better engagement and productivity for the brand.

2. Q & A

Interactions could get much better if you have the right method to get connected to a broader audience. It is important that you choose a proper interaction procedure and it is the best when you have the perfect questions and answers ready as a brand. You can get to match the requirements.

3. New Content

One of the best ways to get more audience is to get to post teasers. They help a lot in directing you to a new content. As a result, you can get to share a view of the upcoming contents which will also help the audience to grow easily.

4. Testimonials

Another important thing that you can do is to share the testimonials. They are a great way of showcasing how much you value your consumers. They are a great way of showcasing that you are gaining trust and also keep a direct relation to you valued consumers.

5. Sneak peeks

If you are planning for upcoming launches or opting for multiple projects, the option of having and providing Sneak peeks will be of much help. If you want to keep the audience interested in your brand, then sharing some snaps from upcoming events are a great way.

6. Story storms

Story storms are basically a continuous update of stories that can be formed and also spotted. It is basically capturing an entire moment through stories. Most people do scroll through stories for the next update and it seems to be a good choiceYou can promote your or any friends’ live steam it will help your followers to know when you are planning to go live. At the same time, you can also pay for IG live viewers and keep them stand by for your live stream. With story shoutout you can generate more active viewership.

7. Content series

WP Dev Shed mentions that Instagram is a great platform if you want to promote content or want to share your results on social media. With the help of Instagram story, you can even provide a content series that is available. You can also provide a different content series which will make it worthy.

8. Quick tutorial

One thing that you can do is to provide a tutorial. It is not only about the products or services. People also opt for contents which you may like. Quick tutorials might be of a lot of help in such cases. Tutorials act as a method for quick connectivity with the audience.

9. New additions

Letting people know about the new updates and additions are great way that you need to consider is about adding the new launches to your stories. Providing a glimpse about them in your stories earlier than your posts might do a better trick. They help you in providing a better result.

10. Promote an event

Creating an even or a workshop might help you in providing a better result. They help you a lot in promoting an event or a webinar if you want to continue growing forward. It is important to promote an event trough stories for a broader audience.

11. Time lapse

One of the best ways by which you can showcase your progress is by using Time lapse. There are multiple applications available in the market which you can look forward to if you want to create such interesting videos. They can also showcase your work.

12. Account roundup

Promoting your own account can be another way of getting the most out from your profile. It is important to roundup your account if you want to grow in the right direction. This is a great way to forecast your network and also show your growth on Instagram.

13. Instagram takeover

Collaboration or making up for your profiles can be a great way. It is important to have proper collaborations with Influencers and other people who appreciate your brand or are associated with it. This will help a lot in the growth of your business easily.

14. Lists and countdowns

Countdowns are a great way if you want to grow your business to another level. If you are preparing for an event, it is important to create a lunch before it. This will help you to list the countdown and make sure that it works better.

15. Challenge

Creating a challenge is probably one of the best ways by which you can gain more audience. It helps you a lot in getting more interaction. To make things better, you can also keep some prizes for the audience.