In today’s busy world, timeline maker apps have become more and more popular. They’re easier to use than ever before, giving new businesses a great opportunity for timeline keeping.

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But small business owners don’t just need timeline makers apps – they need timeline maker tips too! Here are some helpful timeline management ideas for brand-new startups:

1. Create recurring tasks

Although timeline design looks simple, creating an effective timeline isn’t so easy. A perfect example of this is the Recurring Task area of Google Calendar. The recurrence feature allows you to set up events or activities that happen at regular intervals. You can choose from preset times (e.g., every two weeks), specific dates (e.g., July 3rd ), or even use natural language (e.g., every two months on the first Thursday of each month).

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2. Use timeline maker templates

It’s possible to create timeline designs with online timeline makers, but sometimes you just need a little extra help. That’s where timeline maker templates come in. Several timeline generator sites have their own gallery of pre-made templates for users to select from. You can download these examples and change them for your own needs.

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3. Set project deadlines

Every business has projects that need timelines – whether it’s designing new products, organizing an event, or managing workflow. Projects are often organized into phases that give stages of completion (from beginning to end):   define, plan, create and launch timeline.

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4. Create different timeline styles

It’s possible to design timeline-maker documents in many different ways. For example, you can use timelines as a process for solving a problem by identifying the initial state, brainstorming options, and selecting the best solution. A timeline is also great for showing how an event or idea came about over time – what happened first and last? Where were there challenges? Another example is a business timeline wherein you can keep track of the new projects and monitor the current ones. A perfect business timeline example is the one you make to show your client the business plan of a potential project.

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5. Incorporate lists

Lists are a great way of keeping track of timeline data – especially if it comes from multiple sources or is very detailed. There are several types of lists available within timeline makers: bulleted lists provide a simple outline style; numbered lists help you establish priorities, and checklists are perfect for tasks that need to be done.

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6. Link timeline maker to events

Timeline makers keep track of data, not timeline design. In fact, one of the most important features is the ability to link timeline items together. This can include basic links or highlight a sequence of events – either way, it provides you with valuable information about your timeline and process designs.

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7. Add images

Images do more than just break up content on a timeline design – they also provide valuable visual assets for branding purposes and engagement opportunities as well as help explain complex information in an easy-to-understand format.

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8. Create interactive timeline maker graphics

Interactive timeline maker graphics like creating a business roadmap template free from complex designs but are really interesting can give users a chance to control the timeline experience. For example, it’s possible to link timeline maker graphics to other timeline maker elements or to create timeline maker videos by adding images and text over a moving image.

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9. Add timeline animations

One of timeline makers’ best features is its ability to animate timeline data for increased clarity and user engagement. There are several types of timeline animations available, including slide-in animation (where one event appears on top of another) or slide-out animation (where an item disappears off the timeline design).      

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10. Include notes

Notes are one of the most used functions within timeline makers tools – whether you’re jotting down quick reminders within your main timeline design or creating detailed comments about each aspect of your timeline. Make sure to also use timeline maker links and timeline animations to increase clarity and user experience.

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11. Use timeline maker to describe processes

Some timeline makers are designed exclusively for timeline design, but it’s also possible to use timeline maker timeline data to create a step-by-step process or explain the process of making something. For example, you can show how someone makes sushi from beginning to end – starting with catching fish and ending with unloading the dish at a restaurant. This type of timeline is great for journalism or explaining complex topics.

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12. Create different types of timelines

There are several different types of timeline designs that can be used in business – especially if you’re trying to tell stories or communicate data more clearly. The timeline infographic is one of the most popular styles for business because it helps users quickly understand events, processes, data or information.

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13. Use timeline maker timeline data to tell stories

Some timeline makers are best used for storytelling – whether you’re sharing an event that happened in the past, explaining how something works, talking about your company’s vision or mission statement, showing team growth over time, or any other topic that benefits from a timeline maker design.

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As timeline maker apps like Venngage continue to grow in popularity, so does their importance for businesses. It’s no surprise since timeline maker graphics can be used for everything from social media ads and infographics to marketing collateral and presentations.

If you’re wondering how timeline makers can benefit your own business, just remember that they help you communicate timeline information in a way that is fun, engaging, and concise. Whether it’s communicating with employees or explaining an upcoming project phase timeline design, timeline makers are the perfect solution for all timeline needs.