Hot mom summer is here, and moms need cute maternity summer dresses! Find out which pregnancy summer dresses fight the heat and bring out your glow.

Your belly is growing, the temps are rising, and your wardrobe needs an update. First of all, we would like to say congratulations! You’ve worked hard to reach this milestone, and your pregnancy is a treasure you will always remember. Next, we want to recommend some maternity summer dresses that will end your pants-suffering once and for all. Because what are you supposed to do when it’s hot enough to bake a bun (no pun intended) and you’re stuck in jeans? You step out of your literal pants-oven and rock some cute pregnancy summer dresses!

We love us some pretty maternity dresses. They are the height of maternity fashion AND your best wardrobe solution in warm weather. While summer is the best time for babies, growing a bump in the heat is a challenge many new moms don’t anticipate. When you’re eating for two and your body tends to swell like a balloon, high temps are the last thing you want to battle! That’s why summer maternity clothes that promote comfort and coolness are essential. But what maternity stores sell cute summer dresses for pregnant women? Which pregnancy summer dresses actually look good and not like some weird tent?

Don’t sweat (literally)! The best womens summer maternity dresses are right here! Our fashion editors did their homework and made a list of the cutest maternity summer dresses, all to make your quest easier. They chose these pregnancy dresses for their cool comfort, seasonal style, and camera shine. So, you best believe every dress will keep you comfy in the heat and on point with summer trends. These cute summer maternity dresses will let you rock your hot mom summer with comfort and confidence!

Whether you’re hanging on the beach or hitting up the mall, you can dress for the occasion with these maternity dresses.

1.   Gianna Empire Tie Waist Maternity Summer Dress from

It’s time to show that gleaming summer skin! This sexy pregnancy dress is the seasonal look we’re after. With an adorable tie and empire waistline, this gown defines your bump the way pregnancy summer dresses should.

The soft sash adds a chic touch to the gown, giving you one accessory off the bat! Add in the long flowy skirt and deep V neckline, and this dress is one of the best summer maternity outfits of the year.

Did we mention this is a nursing summer dress, too? You can easily pull the bodice down to give your newborn access to your breasts for feeding on the go. Since this gown is made with spandex, it won’t get stretched out no matter how much tugging and pulling are involved.

All the maternity summer dresses from this maternity boutique are made with rayon and spandex for a breathable, flexible fit that keeps you cool all season!

2.   Pink Blush Chiffon Long Sleeve Pleated Maternity Maxi Dress

If you need cute summer dresses for pregnancy, Pink Blush has always got you. This Pink Blush maternity dress is too cute with a plunging V neck and tie waist! We’re also eyeing that flowy skirt — a must for summer comfort.

We adore these cute summer maternity dresses because you can adjust the shape by tightening the sash. Not only does this ensure your comfort, but the tie also separates your bust and bump to define your shape. Double win!

Plus, this beautiful Pink Blush dress comes in 15 different shades — all muted colors that shine on camera. The layered, maxi-length skirt gives you so much material to play with in your portraits, too!

We love how the long sleeves (eloquently decorated with cuffs and buttons!) provide SPF protection. Pair this dress with a sunhat, and you have a fabulous, formal summer look that will go down in the maternity books.

Speaking of, need a summer look for a baby shower? You’ll shine in stylish maternity dresses for baby showers!

3.   Boohoo Maternity Frill Shoulder Maxi Dress

Frills from your shoulders to your toes! We dig these maternity summer dresses because they’re loose and comfortable. This relaxed fit promotes excellent air circulation, keeping you cool all day. The best part, though? The frilled material creates a V outline around your waist and bust to bring out the best of your pregnant form!

Of course, white is aso the best color for those scorching days! You can keep your chill in any breezy, white maternity dress.

This adorable pregnancy dress has all the texture you need for your summer pregnancy outfits. Boohoo dresses never quit with the embellishment; it’s a staple of their brand. We’re so glad that the Boohoo maternity line offers just as much style for moms-to-be. No woman should be doomed to wearing bland summer pregnancy clothes, not when they make cute summer maternity dresses like this one! You can always count on Boohoo for cheap maternity summer dresses that others will envy.

4.   Kimi + Kai Maternity Charlotte Tank Column Maxi Dress

One of the more casual maternity dresses for summer, this Kimi and Kai maternity gown is made for the camera. The curve-hugging fit showcases all your lovely baby bumps without restricting your movement or breathing. How do we know? The dress is made of the best materials for a bodycon gown: rayon and elastic!

Rayon is a breathable fabric that won’t trap moisture or heat. Elastic helps the dress conform to your form no matter what trimester you’re in! These materials are the perfect combo for pregnancy summer dresses. You are sure to stay cool and comfy all season in this sexy, contouring gown.

5.   Seraphine Knot Front Maternity Dress

Nothing says “luxury” like this gorgeous Seraphine maternity dress. Soft, sexy, and beautiful, these maternity summer dresses make our list ten times over. With a plunging V neckline and short skirt, they’re perfectly aligned with this season’s fashion. We adore the knot underneath the bust — it’s a chic touch that adds detail to your outfit without distracting.

The gown is also cinched underneath the bust to accentuate your growing form (a must for all womens summer maternity dresses!). The lines that lead to the center knot create an interesting effect in front of the camera. Overall, this Seraphine maternity nursing summer dress stuns with a simple but supremely elegant design.

6.   ASOS DESIGN Maternity Mini Babydoll Smock Dress in Chevron Jacquard in Forest Green

Summer vibes all the way! We cannot get enough of this babydoll ASOS maternity dress. Short, loose, and all-around cute, this maternity summer dress is a must for petite mamas. The cropped length is flattering for short women who tend to get swallowed by longer pregnancy dresses.

This is one of the chicest and most casual maternity dresses for summer — it’s perfect for any mama who wants a wild, boho look. Just pair this gown with some long beads and boots, and you have an adventurous outfit that’s made to shine!

Did we mention how the emerald green color is flattering on nearly all skin tones? Seriously, this pregnancy dress works hard to bring out your natural palette. If you’re looking for a summer glow, the V neckline lets the sun illuminate your chest to make you glimmer. Rock the shiny necklaces? Please do!

7.   Mother Bee Maternity Women’s 3/4 Faux Wrap Maternity Dress

We can’t resist a wrap dress, especially not one as soft and luxurious as this. This Mother Bee maternity dress is one of the best maternity summer dresses with loose, eloquently layered fabric. This dress captures flow, texture, and movement in one simple design!

Like all the cute summer dresses for pregnant women, this gown is cinched under the bust to define your baby bump. We also love how the skirt and bodice are both layered for a tiered effect. The midi-length skirt is even longer in the back to give your steps a graceful flow. These maternity summer dresses will float gracefully through every trimester and beyond!

Yup! The wrap-style top makes this a stylish, nursing summer dress you can wear postpartum. This dress will last long after your lil one arrives! Available in 15 camera-approved colors, this wrap dress beats out the rest.

8.   Sexy Mama Maternity Ruched Fold Over Flare Gown

Shoulder cut? Check. Sexy, curve-hugging fit? Check. Long flowy skirt? Double check! This Sexy Mama maternity dress marks all the boxes for summer style, and it’s more than camera-ready. If you’re looking for cute summer maternity dresses that are somewhere between sexy and formal, this is the dress for you.

Sexy Mama maternity dresses specialize in flaunting your figure. Their cute summer dresses for pregnancy are mostly bodycon style, made to highlight your new curves and growing bump. This pregnancy dress showcases your form while sporting a beautiful folded neckline and flared skirt. With your glorious summer shoulders exposed, you can show off your fav earrings and necklaces — metals highly recommended! The flared skirt adds a dramatic touch to photos.

9.   HATCH Carolina Dress

HATCH maternity clothes have long ruled the industry, and it’s not hard to see why. Made from the most luxurious fabrics, HATCH maternity dresses rank high on the comfort and durability scale. That’s one of the reasons we picked the Carolina Dress as one of the best cute summer dresses for pregnant women. It’s a lightweight, airy gown that keeps you cool and comfy in hot weather. Carolina is also super summer trendy with an empire waistline, deep V neck, and just-right midi length.

We love that these maternity summer dresses are a bit sheer. Translucent material allows sunlight to penetrate the fabric and show your lovely form. HATCH makes some of the best pregnancy summer dresses, and we highly recommend their maternity summer maxi dresses for glamorous portraits.

10.                  Tiffany Rose Serenity Maxi Dress

The Tiffany Rose collection is a hidden treasure full of cute summer dresses for pregnancy. We can do the color blocks on this dress any day!

This gown is too cute with a pink and white print — perfect for a rose garden shoot! We love how the print also flatters your figure and highlights your bump. The bodice is layered wrap-style to create a chic V neckline. You can wear these maternity summer dresses anywhere and maintain a very fashionable maternity style.

11.                  A Pea in the Pod Pietro Brunelli Melody Maternity Dress

Short and sweet, this is one of the most casual maternity dresses for summer. This Pea in the Pod maternity dress keeps it simple so you can get fancy with accessories! Wear your sunhat, crown, finest bling, and all your favorite things. You can style these maternity summer dresses 1,000 different ways.

The short length also makes these short maternity dresses makes them perfect for petite mamas under 5’ 4”. We love the loose, breezy fit — no concerns about the heat in this dress! We’ll always adore Pea in the Pod maternity clothes for their practical style. Their maternity summer dresses are elegant and made with all mothers in mind.

12.                  Show Me Your Mumu Hacienda Maxi Dress

This Show Me Your Mumu maternity dress is all about the neckline. The folded-over, ruffled material drapes over your bust to highlight your form. While other pregnancy dresses emphasize the waistline, this gown flatters your figure by accenting your chest!

Summer is all about showing your skin, so we’re all about this Show Me Your Mumu dress! The strapless design lets your skin gleam, making your jewelry shine 10x brighter! This shoulder-baring cut also contours your whole upper body for a sexy, trim look. These maternity summer dresses are ideal for any fancy dinner or black-tie event.