There are many ways in which you can talk to strangers. However, not all of them are safe, secure and hassle free. The trend of talking to strangers has increased prominently with the introduction of newer ways. Earlier, there was a trend of text-based communities. Now, video chat interface has evolved.

If you haven’t tried these online chat sites, you definitely have to now. Unlike just interacting in a planned and organized manner, have you tried to add an element of surprise to your chats? So, how to talk to strangers in the best manner? The answer will be found here. 

12 Best Chat App with Strangers 

Strangers are friends who you haven’t known yet. This is just the kind of explanation you have with online friends you find on the below mentioned 12 sites:

  1. Emerald Chat

Emerald Chat is an extremely well-organized and eventful cam chat site that delivers more than expected. If you have any set of expectations from the best in class video chat sites, Emerald chat will even offer you more.

When it comes to Chat Sites, Emerald Chat has set quality benchmarks that other sites follow. Fun and entertainment is guaranteed as the platform even has room for some fictional fun. The platform provides a virtual avatar and a username to its users. 

By virtue of this avatar and username, users are able to live their fantasies. You can always choose a new avatar. Further, you also get an opportunity to be playfully entertained. Choosing a distinct avatar and username helps you in changing your identity, as per your whims and fancies.

There are also other factors and features that make Emerald Chat stand out. Below are some core reasons to blind-foldedly opt for it:

No Wait Time

Emerald Chat is always flooded with people at all hours. It has a very massive network of users who prefer to actively use it for socialization. Therefore, whatever time of the day it is, you will always find company on Emerald chat. 

The extensiveness of the user base ensures that there is absolutely no wait time involved in matching. As opposed to dating sites that can take forever in choosing the right match for you, Emerald Chat is simpler.

No Registration

You do not need to register under Emerald Chat. It is very simple to use. You just need to provide the most basic details about yourself and you are good to chat your time away. As compared to other sites that take a lot of time in user profile creation, Emerald Chat is pretty much on-the-go.


The platform of Emerald Chat does not cost any money. There are no hidden costs and charges that appear in an unanticipated manner. There are many sites that claim to be free, but actually are not when you tend to begin your chatting journey. 

Karma Reward Points

Emerald Chat has the concept of karma reward points. These reward points are well suited and actually are in the nature of reviews. People will rate their experience with you and you will rate your experience with them. It is a good way to ensure whether the person next matched is worth your time and effort. 

  1. Chatrandom

Chatrandom allows you to randomly chat with people at all hours of the day. It is a free platform and is also free with respect to its spirit. There are many chat rooms and one-to-one talking alternatives that you can use with Chatrandom. 

It has all the features that are expected out of a good chatting site. The video interface of the chats is extremely high quality. You have to try it to experience the superiority that this platform has to render.

  1. Chatki

Chatki is a superb solution for your online video chatting needs. It is amazing in multiple contexts. It is completely secure and safe in its conduct. There are also stringent rules and regulations that the platform adheres to. 

Chatki also has a lot of patronage and is best known for its cosmopolitan outlook. Chatki is a free platform and has a lot of cool features like masks and masquerades. It is a must try if you want to spend some time being entertained online.

  1. Ome TC

Ome TV is a top notch chatting solution. It has established its foundation as one of the most perfect platforms for video chatting. It does not cost any money and is a good way to spend your time and energy. With fun chat rooms and beautiful filters, everytime is a good time on Ome TV.

  1. Chatspin

Chatspin is an extremely dynamic platform. It is very prompt and perfect when it comes to chatting up with strangers online. You can set the filter of who you want to chat with. You can skip if you do not like chatting with someone, there will always be someone to look forward to.

  1. Camsurf

Camsurf is also an outstanding option when it comes to video chatting with strangers. It is also a very superior chat site. You can engage in seamless exchange of videos with strangers at all hours. Hence, you should try it to know its efficiency.

  1. Bazoocam

Bazoocam has earned its accoldes as an immensely fun and interactive platform. The platform is always full of users who engage in video chats. The interace of Bazoocam is very seamless. The entire set up of the platform is very captivating. 

  1. Shagle

Shagle is also a widely used and extremely popular video chat site. People from all ages and locations are very fond of Shagle. It has the best interface, best set up, quality user base and fun features that make every experience on Shagle memorable.

  1. Dirtyroulette

Dirtyroulette is an adult-friendly online chat. There are many platforms that are always flooded with children and immature people. Dirtyroulette, therefore, is a much coveted option for online video chatting for adults. As a result, adults can freely express their concerns and expectations. 

  1. Coomeet

Coomeet is amazing as a user-friendly video chat site. It is impeccably crafted for the comfort of its users. It is awesome in all respects- whether it be features, masks, chat rooms, one-to-one conversations. Everything about Coomeet spells comfort. 

  1. Tinychat

Tinychat allows for multiple video chats in one single screen. The platform is full of nice alternatives to chat your time away with people. Instead of switching between different sites, you can enjoy everything at once with Tinychat. 

  1. Camzap

Camzap is very good in its operations. It offers the safety and security that most video chatting users crave for. It is also very simple and doesn’t complicate by shoving features and making the outlook very complicated. 


If you want to talk to strangers, it doesn’t get better than these chat sites. It is actually quite fun and entertaining to engage in wholesome chats with strangers. When you actually refer to Chat Sites, it doesn’t get better than these sites.