Do you ever have that disturbing feeling that technology is invading your life too much? Sure, we are more immersed in the digital world than ever before; sometimes, it is essential to pull the brakes.

There are over 150 000 apps in the Apple Store, and new apps seem to pop up every day. According to Statista, the number of app stores on the Google Play Store is more than 3 million. Amid these figures, some terrible ones are inevitably floating the market too.

Here is our round-up of the most absurd apps found in the virtual world:

  1. Is it dark outside?

There is no other purpose of this app but to tell you if it’s dark outside. It is pretty helpful if you are a fish living underwater and can’t swipe the curtains to see the sun.

The entire point of this app is to tell you if it is day or night. Do you believe someone would need an app like this in their lives?

  1. Hold on!

Let’s call this app a waste of time instead of absurd.

This app measures how long users can keep their fingers on the screen. A timer runs when you have your finger pressed on the screen, and it goes off when you remove it.

You can share your score on the app’s leaderboard and measure it against other game champions (who are clearly too bored).

While playing this game, think of how you need to focus on your career and hobbies that will knock some sense in your dull life.

  1. HangTime

When it comes to the ridiculous apps of all time, HangTime in the Apple Store takes the cake. 

At the price of 99 cents, this app measures how far you can throw your iPhone in the air. So, the app asks you to pay for an opportunity of destroying your phone. 

According to its website over 2000 phones have been thrown in the air!

  1. Yo

In this age of hyper-communication and proxies, Yo brings an offer to chat with your social circle using a single word – Yo!

How you continue the conversation or convey any message depends on your creativity. It makes a great app to tell someone about your mid-life crisis because of your absurd choice of apps. Or you can keep sending messages to your friends to poke and annoy them. Make them question the importance of mobile apps and their smart usage.

  1. I am rich(er)

As if your smartphone wasn’t enough to tell people about your status symbol, this app brings the most absurd idea to the table!

You have to pay $200 (maximum amount on the Android) to install a picture of a mesmerizing blue diamond. You can show off that image at the parties and flaunt your money. 

Now tell us, is there any good reason to buy a photo of a freakishly expensive diamond?

  1. Cry Translator

Our little bubs often cry for no reason. Are you ready for a super-powered app that helps you fathom the meaning of your baby’s wails?

Cry Translator is the app that lets you hold your iPhone over the mouth of your upset munchkin. It tells you if that wail is just to get your attention, a hunger call, or a diaper change alarm.

You can buy this app for $29.99. But the question is, would you mind paying this amount or continue sensibly evaluating what your baby means to convey?

  1. Screen cleaner

The name of this app makes us assume that it probably helps you nitpick useless apps from your phone. But wait, what this app does will blow your mind!

This is how it means to clean it – from the inside. The cleaner shows videos of cute little puppies licking the display of your Android phone. You can choose a bulldog, a labrador, or a schnauzer on the window detail. 

If it appeals to you too much, you can download another version of this application to have more pups clean your screen.

  1. Bleep button

This one has received a whole round of criticism since its launch. The Bleep Button is an application on iPhone that lets you press a button to make a beep sound. 

According to the developers, the goal is to help users sensor the curse words. But ultimately, it seems like the user annoys everyone around them.

  1. The amazing birthplace guesser

This is likely one of the most deplorable games designed in history!

The app asks you to enter the first three digits of your social security number. Then, it takes a stab to determine where you were born. Either you find out what you already know or make a wild guess. The latter might keep you in a fuzz that why your parents lied to you.

  1. How Tall

Are you looking for a fast way to measure someone’s height?

This app uses the accelerometer in Android to figure out the distance from your head to the ground. And the best part is, you have to drop the phone for it to happen!

The developer recommends that you keep something soft at the landing spot. Still, the reviewers have been baffled by this absurd technique.

The paid version of this app doesn’t only focus on your height. Instead, it also “analyzes who you are.” Does that mean spiritual analysis or psychotherapy? No idea!

  1. Pimple popper

Let’s admit – we all want our skins to be blemish-free.

However, don’t let this desperation force you to install the pimple popper app. 

The app presents faces with impurities such as whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. It teaches you how you can squeeze them out of your face. This may seem like an app that isn’t for faint-hearted people. But, tell us – will you ever download this app even if you are tough enough?

  1. Places I’ve pooped

Even though the app is out of service, this one deserves to be on the list of absurd apps. Users have to mark all the places they have pooped on a map. And if you have zero concepts of boundaries, you can share this information with people in your social circle. Let everyone know about your favorite places to go to the bathroom.

Checklist before you download any application

The world of mobile apps is crazy. There are apps you can’t live without, and then there are apps that force us to ask why the reason for their existence. 

We recommend our readers be vigilant when navigating the app stores. Ask if an app is worthy enough. Does it solve your problem? Does it bring any meaning to your life? 

Also, make sure that the app passes all security standards. Make sure it maintains confidentiality and keeps your data encrypted. Some extra measures like reading online about its reputation often help. For example, check out the airG review before installing an app from its portal.

Parting Notes

The number of developers who could enjoy careers as comedians is way too high. We firmly believe more is to come in this domain as more individuals are learning app development. Who knows, we could have some incredible masterpieces on this list next year?

What are the most absurd apps you ever came across? Let us know in the comments section.

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