Part-time work while you study is a common practice for university students. This number is growing rapidly. These students either have student loans or are in debt. They also want to gain experience and exposure through these jobs so that they can pursue a better career. Many students are asking the same question: How can one find part-time work while they study? There are many ways they can make extra money and get a job later on in life. Let’s see how we can help you find part-time work while you study.

Here are 11 ways you can find a part-time job and excel at it, according to part time writing job experts!

1. 1. Students have access to a large network of people who are looking for and presenting jobs through social media platforms and other online channels. LinkedIn is a platform that allows people to share their skills and search for jobs online via networking. Instagram and Facebook are closely following. These platforms allow people to connect globally, so be present and keep an eye out for new opportunities.

2. Network internally (Friends and Family).

Anyone can refer themselves. Tell your friends and colleagues. Keep in touch with them to let them know your skills and what kind of work they are looking for. You might be able to land some exciting projects through word-of-mouth.

3. Do not get stuck on job listing

Look beyond the job listings and find companies that match your job profile. You will be able to build your professional career in the future if you work for a company that offers the right experience. Keep sending your resume to the hiring managers of the companies you are interested in.

4. Broaden Your Mind And Search

There are many courses available today that aren’t very popular but highly sought after. What does a UI/UX designer do? Are you interested in investing as a student or a UI/UX designer? There are many courses that offer niche markets for you to explore. Learn about them all and perhaps try some. The less competition you have, the better your chances of being selected.

5. Be confident and amicable

People have said it all the time, “Stand out from the crowd.” Employers will notice your confidence and personality. Don’t send a generic resume and a cover sheet to companies. Be interesting. You must research the company before you send your resume.

6. This is something that not many students are aware of, but every university has many vacancies for students in different departments. Part-time work in administration, university festival, and other skill-based jobs are all possibilities. You will be able to get more involved in university activities and still have a healthy budget.

7. Be a part of extracurricular activities

Students’ skills and resumes are enhanced by extracurricular activities. You will have an edge over other students if you have extra certificates in competitions, sports and challenges. These assets will help you sell your skills to employers better.

8. Be Enthusiastic

Part-time work can be found while you are studying. People love people who are enthusiastic and eager to learn. You will have better chances than the average person if you are enthusiastic and dedicated to your job. Be open to learning new things and exploring opportunities.

9. Get an Internship

Internships are often for a short period and are typically contractual. However, they offer a lot of experience and learning opportunities. Interning with a dynamic company will allow you to learn skills and add value to your resume.

10. You can find work through a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies act as matchmakers between an employee and their employer. They can help you find the perfect job. They are able to access a large number of available positions. An agency that is credible will help you find the right job for your needs.

11. Many people fear starting their own business or starting a small one. Although it may sound daunting, you can start small and build your skills through freelancing.

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These 11 ways are only a guideline for candidates. By understanding and correctly implementing them, students will find the right job. This will allow them to make a side income while also adding value to their career.