Carpets in the corridors, living rooms, foyers receive maximum foot traffic. They become filthy, especially if you have pets. It is important to protect them from damage. Here are a few recommendations on protecting your carpets in high traffic areas.

Even if your carpet is old, you can follow these methods to keep it looking fresh and clean. Follow these ideas if you want to save money by keeping your carpets warm and not hiring a water damage restoration service.

1. Buy Dark-Colored Carpets

If you want to buy carpets for a high traffic area, dark color is preferred. Colors like white, cream, yellow are not perfect for high traffic areas. Choose grey, blue, or brown to save your cleaning cost because dirt, stains will not show up as much as they do on light-colored carpets.

2. Keep Hard Surfaces Clean

Hard surfaces at the intersections of carpets cannot catch the dirt particles, but carpet fibers can. That is why the dirt particles move on the fibers from the hard surfaces. It is difficult to maintain the hard surfaces clean, so you need scheduled water damage carpet cleaning services to avoid germs, viruses, dirt in your room.

3. Keep Your Feet Clean

When walking into your room, try to keep your feet clean. The dirt should be kept away from the carpets. Please wear socks or slippers in the room.

4. Vacuuming Your Carpet

Vacuuming your carpets regularly is the best way to remove filths and dirt. Please vacuum your carpets once a week to maintain the products’ warranty.

5. Carpet Fibers

If you want to buy carpets for your room, consider the carpet fibers first. Long piles contain more dirt, so it is better to choose nylon, wool fibers because these are sturdy and long-lasting.

6. Cleaning High Traffic Areas

Pets tend to spill or stain the carpets. Please vacuum the high traffic areas twice a week to keep the areas clean. You do not need to spend much time on it. This simple habit enhances the safety of your family.

7. Take Shoes off

Take your shoes off and keep your entrance clean. You can lay a mat to keep the soil off your carpets. It also keeps your room clean and avoids diseases.

8. Place Rug or Mat

Placing a mat on the carpets is the most effective way to avoid foot traffic. You can buy a welcome mat for the entrance door to keep the carpets clean. When the mat becomes filthy, please wash them in the machines. It is better than deep cleaning your carpets. You can save money by using mats instead of carpets.

9. Spot Cleaning

Staining is a common issue if you have kids, pets. Cleaning them as soon as you see them is a good habit of keeping dirt away from the carpets. Please remember that eliminating stains and spills is necessary to avoid mold growth in your premises.

After the party, you may find coffee, tea, and wine stains on the carpets. If you notice red juice or liquid spills, you must remove them as early as possible. Wipe the area until it is completely dry. Please do not rub the area because it enlarges the spills and go deeper into the carpet. You can hire water damage carpet services for the best results.  

10. Use of Carpet Protector

Many carpet protector sprays are available in the market. It protects carpets from different hard uses. Please make sure you spray it appropriately on the fibers. The protector forms a layer over the fibers that prevents stains, discoloration. Please test it in a small area before applying it to a large area.

11. Professional Service

If the home remedies do not work, hiring a professional water damage carpet Brisbane service would be the best choice. We have advanced equipment to restore your carpets to their original states. Our professionals are IICRC certified and well trained to set the best method for carpet cleaning services in your locality. 

Our 24/7 emergency services are just one phone call away. If you need urgent deep rug cleaning, inquire about an express booking. You will get an appointment if you inquire.