Imagine if you had to go through life without ever having played basketball. You would never know the joy of dribbling down the court, sinking a 3-pointer, or stealing an opponent’s ball for your team. This is why kids need to play basketball and improve their basketball shoot game! In this article, we will discuss 11 reasons why kids should definitely play basketball at some point in their lives – read on to find out more!

Benefits of having kids play basketball

1. To Have Fun

Nowadays, kids have fun by playing video games, watching television shows, and playing on their phones. While these things are fun for kids too – they cannot compare to the thrill that comes with shooting hoops!

It’s true; basketball is one of the most difficult sports out there (after all it requires you to dribble a ball while running up and down the court). It will take immense focus, effort, strength, and passion for children to learn how to play this game well enough. But once your child has learned how to shoot free throws or make an alley-oop pass – he/she will be filled with joy because “it’s just so much fun”!

2. To Build Relationships

Getting your child involved in a sport will help them build life-long relationships. Joining the local basketball league, for example, will give kids an opportunity to meet new friends with who they can play for years on end! Basketball is more than just about playing well; it’s also about working together as a team and helping one another out when needed.

3. To Learn Teamwork

Basketball is a team sport. Kids who play basketball will learn how to work with others during basketball shooting practice drills. They’ll learn how to win as a unit – not by themselves.

Kids will also learn lessons about teamwork in the process of playing sports that they can apply to everyday life situations – like sharing, cooperating, compromising, etc.

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.” – Ronald Reagan

4. To Practice Goal Setting

Practicing goal setting is beneficial to kids, helping them become more successful in all areas of life.

One of the most important lessons learned from playing team sports is that you can’t do anything alone – even if it’s a “team” sport!  Most practices will have their own individual goals for each player, such as practicing your basketball shoot game, but there are always bigger picture goals set by coaches and captains alike.

These larger goals end up being what everyone focuses on during games which make achieving them easier than if only one person was working towards this goal. Coaches also work with players individually to help achieve these big-picture goals as well as establish short-term objectives that lead up to those long-range ones.  

5. To Be Physically Active

Being physically strong and active is linked to many positive outcomes in life.  These include improved academic performance, better mental health, and well-being, less obesity, risk of disease, etc.

By playing basketball kids are not only having fun but they’re also building skills that will help them to be successful in all areas of their lives while keeping active at the same time!  

6. To Experience Failure

As your child develops his or her skills on the court, he/she will inevitably encounter failures during games. When this happens it’s important to always encourage them instead of punishing them because failure builds character! Just remember that every great success starts as something frightening.

Learning from mistakes is an extremely valuable life skill that children must develop to grow and succeed.

So, encourage your kids when they experience failure because it will help them persevere through life’s challenges!

7. To Experience Success

On the other hand, your kids will also experience success!

When your child is successful, it’s important to congratulate them and build their confidence by telling them what they did right. Kids who learn how to handle both failure and success at a young age grow up with increased self-esteem which helps them become more confident individuals as adults.

Participating in sports can be extremely beneficial for children of all ages. It doesn’t matter if the sport is basketball: just spending time outside and exercising has been proven to increase happiness and reduce feelings of depression among those who participate regularly (studies show that physical activity releases endorphins).

8. To Find a Passion

Basketball can help children find a passion they are good at that will provide them with long-term enjoyment. If kids enjoy something enough, it makes sense for them to pursue the activity as an adult. This may be why many professional basketball players started playing in their youth and have stuck with it since then.

9. To Build Self Esteem

Playing in a basketball league with other kids helps to build self-esteem. Kids learn that they are capable of achieving their goals by working hard and practicing when they participate in sports activities.

10. To Interact with Other Adults

In addition to playing with other kids, many leagues have an adult component as well. This provides children with exposure to adults who are not their parents and a chance for young athletes to learn from different role models.

11. To Learn Time Management

Another benefit of having their children participate in sports like basketball has nothing to do with athletic ability but everything to do with time management skills. Youngsters at this age are often distracted by things that don’t matter (like TV shows or video games), which means they may not be able to find enough time for practicing their shots after school – especially if they participate in other sports as well.


Basketball is a great sport for children because it can help them develop important life skills while also being fun at the same time! By participating in basketball activities such as basketball shooting practice drills, kids will grow up knowing how to be team players and work towards achieving goals. They’ll become more physically active and build self-esteem along the way as well! For these reasons alone, basketball should be encouraged by all parents everywhere. Just imagine your kid being the best shooter in basketball in the coming years.