Parenting is never an easy job. Most parents have or are aware of apps that their kids can’t get enough of. Of course, as a parent myself, I am grateful to the developers that put in the effort to understand what kids need and give us apps that let us have some peace of mind. While these apps might let you have some me-time every now and then, there are several apps aimed at making parent’s lives easier.

11 Parenting Apps for The Modern Parent

The apps that keep our kids busy when we are out having dinner at a nice restaurant are always welcome. But parents find they also need an app to make their kids hear them when they call, which is something technology hasn’t been able to come up with yet. Strange isn’t it? My teenager can pay bills but turns mysteriously deaf as she is always listening to mp3 songs when asked to do chores. If that sounds familiar, maybe these 10 apps can help ease just a tiny part of the parenting struggle:

  1. Baby Feeding Log
  2. Baby sleep magic app
  3. Artkive
  4. Yummly
  5. Scholly
  6. Cozi Family Organizer
  7. Photomath
  8. Cloud Baby Monitor
  9. Life360
  10. Talkspace
  11. ChoreMonster

Read on for a closer look at these apps and what makes them so great for parents.

Baby Feeding Log

Anyone who has ever given birth can bear witness to the near-trance like states moms get in after excessive sleep deprivation. This can sometimes cause you to lose track of when you fed your baby the last time. This simple app addresses that exact problem. It can help you keep track of feedings, and even which breast you used while nursing most recently. A lifesaver for new moms.

Baby Sleep magic App

The Baby Sleep Magic App is the perfect application to make sure your baby is getting enough sleep, with helpful tips for parents on how to get their little one back to sleep. It has an easy-to-use interface and navigation making it great for parents of all experience levels. This app gives you a constant stream of information and guidance about how to help your baby sleep better. This will be like having a sleep consultant at your fingertips!


If you’re anything like me, you value your child’s creative ability. However, as much as I love my children, I can’t leave a crayon drawing on the living room wall forever. On the other hand, what parent wants to deal with the guilt of destroying their child’s masterpiece? Artkive offers a great solution by letting you take a picture of your child’s art and archiving it with the date, time, and artist in question. That way, even if you clean the walls or lose scrawlings on napkins, you still have a permanent memory stored with you.


Single parents know how tough it can be to manage work, children, and home chores like cooking all alone. But apps like Yummly make life a lot easier in this context. It lets you browse through thousands of recipes and select the ones you want to cook for the week. It then goes a step further by organizing all the necessary ingredients into a convenient grocery list. Always feel on top of your cooking with this app.


As a parent with a young teenager just about to head off to college, I can’t begin to explain how useful Scholly has been. The app helps you find scholarships that are tailored to your kids’ interests and talents. This will take out a lot of the guesswork from guessing which scholarship forms to fill or ignore.

Cozi Family Organizer

This scheduling app is a scheduling app that allows you to coordinate with all your family members across multiple devices. It even allows you to keep a running grocery list that everyone can add to from their own devices. No more last-minute runs to the grocery store or arguments over forgetting to buy something you thought was in the fridge.


Don’t ever tell my kids this, but I owe more to this app than my own brain when it comes to helping them do their math homework. I just never had a mind for numbers, and while there’s no shame to that, you still feel embarrassed admitting that to your fourth-grader. Photomath lets you take a photo of any school homework math problem, and gives you the step-by-step solution in just a few taps.

Cloud Baby Monitor

This app turns your phone into a full-fledged baby monitor. It includes motion alerts, noise, and live video to help you keep an eye on your baby without always being in the nursery. It also lets you save sneaking in and out of the baby’s room to make sure they’re asleep.


It can be exhausting to keep up with your kids once they’re old enough to get around by themselves. I know many moms who have spent countless hours worrying about where their child is and why he or she isn’t answering the phone. Life360 lets kids check-in when they arrive places, and all parents have to do to find them is to look at the integrated map to find where they are or have been. It even has a Driver Protect version for teenagers that are old enough to drive.


As we’ve said, parenting isn’t an easy job and sometimes it can get difficult for moms and dads to manage the stress. Post-partum depression, anxiety, and self-doubt are all very real things that happen to parents everywhere. Talkspace lets you connect with licensed therapists from the privacy of your home to help you manage your role as a parent better.


Getting your kids to do their chores can be a stressful ordeal. Many children turn into hysterical screamers when asked to clean their room. ChoreMonster allows parents to create a list of chores for kids. Kids can log in separately to see their assigned chores and complete them. Each chore completed earns the child some points. I use the reward option to its fullest advantage, like letting my kids use Optimum internet only when they’re done with their daily chores. It makes for a fun experience, both for parents and for kids.