If you’ve been following the British Army for some time now, you will understand how far the fight-institution has come. The British Army has come a long way since World War 2. The period 2010-2020 was a major milestone for the army. 

As Dominic Moore confirms, there is a lot that will make you feel proud of the army, especially on issues deployments. Here we look at a decade of deployments and operations for the British army globally.

1. Operation TOR SHEZADA- 2010

TOR SHEZADA or the Black Prince operation in Afghanistan is one of the major operations conducted by the British Army in the last decade. This operation was designed to combat the invention of the Taliban in the important stronghold in the South of Nad Ali.

In August 2010, the British Army’s soldiers from the 1st Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, worked together with the 1st Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland and the Afghan National Army to push out and clear villages surrounding the town of Sayedabad. This was the only leftover foothold for Taliban insurgent in the area. 

2. Operation ELLAMY, Libya – 2011

When Colonel Gaddafi launched attacks against the Libyan people, a multi-state NATO-led coalition started military intervention to enforce law and order in the country. In the operation, the UK sent around 37 aircraft, four ships, and 4,000 personnel to rescue the Libyan civilians from the Gaddafi regime. 

3. The London Olympics – 2012

London hosted the 2012 Olympics. The British Armed Forces worked together with the police to provide a specialist capability that only the military can provide. There were up to 13,500 personnel assigned to this operation. 

Additionally, many military assets were also deployed to ensure smooth operations. These included Typhoon jets, HMS Bulwark, and HMS Ocean. These jets were used to ensure the UK was safe round the clock during the Olympics.

4. Operation GRITROCK – Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone

The UK military was first deployed in 2014 to work with WHO, UN, and other international communities to combat the spreading of Ebola in West Africa. Ebola had claimed over 11,000 lives in the region. 

With over 800 UK soldiers and personnel assigned to the operation, this represented one of the UK army’s landmark humanitarian operations in the past decade.

5. The Antarctic Patrol – 2016

A historic the HMS Protector completed a 5-week patrol of the Antarctic Sea in January 2016. This was the first vessel to ever visit this region in the last 80 years. The Antarctic is the most extreme points on the planet Earth and also one of the most vulnerable. 

The HMS Protector role is to provide a sovereign and reassurance presence in the British Antarctic, the largest overseas territory. To ensure peace, stability, and security, the HMS Protector, patrols the British Antarctic territory in the South Sandwich Islands and South Georgia for 330 days a year. 

6. Operation Baritone – Hurricane Dorian -2019

Hurricane Dorian was one of the worst hurricanes to ever hit the Caribbean. It resulted in a loss of life, communities ripped off, and missing persons. Mounts Bay was re-tasked to help the victims of Hurricane Dorian in the Caribbean. 

The RFA’s Mounts Bay was initially in the Caribbean to reassures the inhabitants of British territories in the Caribbean to combat drug trafficking and tackle drugs.