Americans aren’t reluctant to embark on long-term journeys to distant places to relax occasionally. It’s estimated that average Americans take four vacations each year and spend 2% of their budget on these adventures. However, travelers find themselves incapable of affording these much-needed getaways from the boredom of a pre-scheduled lifestyle. So, how does a person save money while traveling? This article helps you realize how average people can afford costly trips. Read our below-mentioned suggestions carefully and find ways to afford a family vacation this summer. That’s how entertainment won’t overburden you financially when you’re journeying.

How to save money while traveling?

We confess that traveling isn’t affordable or convenient for most households – especially during today’s COVID-infected environment. However, you shouldn’t allow expensive vacations to neglect those on the budget! Many families have enjoyed budget-friendly vacations today by following the instructions given by experts about saving money as you journey. Everyone can enjoy a decent Gatlinburg-headed getaway even under a limited budget if everyone’s careful about spending the money properly. We believe that a person can better enjoy a vacation where the money’s spent cautiously. We’ve provided some methods to reduce the expenses while traveling. So, use our tips to make your next trip more budget-friendly:

  1. Book some affordable cabins

You can always find affordable living quarters at your favorite location. Some places offer you rooms starting from $100 a night! So, search online for cheap cabins in Gatlinburg TN for residing with your family comfortably while on vacation. You can visit the websites of these rentals to learn about what they’re offering to potential tenants. These cabins are often well-furnished with different amenities people require. Just ensure you’ve checked online reviews before booking some of these rooms.

  1. Avoid hotels if possible

Modest cabins are fine for renting, but you should avoid costly condos, hotels, and motels, especially when you’ve planned an extended getaway. It’s better to rent an apartment if you want to spend a month-long vacation in the towns around the Great Smokies. They require a deposit from the tenants but can prove to be a cheaper option than renting your typical hotels. Moreover, people can also use digital platforms to find safe living spaces with the locals when they’re journeying.

  1. Travel during off-peak seasons

We suggest you travel during off-peak seasons when tourists aren’t crowding your favorite location. Tours, meals, and cabins/motels will be cheaper than usual when you’re journeying to a destination in the off-peak season. Also, you can have some privacy for your family members as nobody else will bother you because of fewer tourists. Get ready for cheap tours, low-priced meals, and properly affordable housing. Your family can save money if you guys travel in off-peak seasons.

  1. Bring your food separately

You don’t have to spend generously on exotic meals when you can just pack some lunch and journey today. We suggest Gatlinburg-bound travelers pack their snacks and refrain from buying costly food available to tourists. Putting some beef jerky in your luggage won’t overburden anyone, and you can stay rich with protein throughout your journey. Instead of purchasing bottled water, you should bring portable bottles to refill at every station. That’s why you save money on food on vacation.

  1. Check websites for savings

Low-income travelers should continue checking websites like Groupon for better savings. Such daily-deal websites have discount offers on almost everything, making your journeys budget-friendly. You can leverage hotel-cabin packages while learning about local diners/eateries. So, keep an eye out for discounts during peak seasons if you wish to save money by traveling. Don’t forget to embark upon travels with your friends to receive group discounts offered at several restaurants.

  1. Travel with some friends

How about coordinating your adventures with your friends’ next trip! Traveling with buddies doesn’t just help you save money but also boosts the excitement of a journey. You now have familiar people to hang out with while wandering about unknown tourist locations. You guys may split expenses and make this journey budget-friendly for each other. It’s always a genius option to share your trips with your friend/s. That’s why many families prefer journeying with their amigos every summer today.

  1. Don’t rent a car

Here’s some honest advice for you: don’t rent a car. Instead, prefer walking. That’s why you can better explore your favorite destination while having some excise to hone your physical well-being. Also, you can leverage that place’s public transport to reach a destination. Thus, you can also reduce your carbon emissions, thereby contributing to the betterment of the world! We suggest people avoid renting a vehicle unless necessary and trust their feet to take them everywhere.

  1. Explore free tourist attractions

Why don’t you visit tourist attractions where people are offered free-of-cost entry! So, you can visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park without paying any fees. Visiting these attractions allows you to save money to see something your family’s excited about. Similarly, many attractions also ask for a nominal fee that your family members can enjoy today. Don’t forget about all those activities such as cooking and driving that don’t cost much but are extremely fun.

  1. Rely more on locals

Locals know the place better than random tourists, so you may trust locals to help you find your way around town when Siri fails to give proper directions. When you’re visiting foreign countries, do remember to ask locals about where you can get the best food at cheap rates. A tourist’s fondest memories are those of mingling with locals and learning about their culture. They can help folks save money as they are more familiar with their homeland. Hence, rely on these people and their cultured instincts.

  1. Rent out your place

Here’s a pretty untraditional piece of advice: How about renting out your house as you guys are not using it during your adventures! Your family can easily make some profit by renting the house while compensating for all travel-related costs. Some families decide to go on vacation for several months. So, renting out their apartments help them pay for such long-term getaways. Use sites like Airbnb or VRBO to list your place. Also, you can contact potential tenants on Craigslist and rent your place.


Will future Americans be able to afford a vacation? In 2019, journalists talked about how just 40% of the people in this country could afford a getaway because of rising costs. Sadly, these numbers have gone below 33% as the pandemic weakened our economy! However, you can still travel with your family to their favorite locations by saving money. We suggest families pack their lunch, travel with pals, and visit free-of-cost tourist attractions only. Also, you may rent out your house while your folks explore the Great Smokies. Travel during the off-peak season and avoid hotels if possible. Rely on locals more to save some money. Don’t forget about visiting sites like Groupon to learn about money-saving deals.