New carpet is a big investment, so you have to ensure that your carpets are cleaned and refreshed. Indeed professional water damage restoration service is the ultimate solution to maintain the warranty of the items. We understand that carpets get maximum foot traffic and stain over the year, especially if you have kids and pets. However, you can also try the following methods to protect new carpets from stains.   

1. Get a Stain Resistant Treatment

You can hire water damage carpet cleaning experts to apply for stain-resistant protection on the fibers; it works as a seal over the surface and protects fibers from dirt, stains. However, it does not protect from all types of stains but certainly helps you protect your new carpets from damage and make the stains easier to remove.

2. Clean Rugs Regularly

Indeed, regular vacuuming helps you eliminate the dirt trapped in the fibers. Hard surfaces in the intersection of the rugs cannot catch dirt, but the fibers can, so the dirt moves into the fibers and damages the new rugs. That is why; move your furniture and vacuum the carpet area thoroughly once a week. It ensures the elimination of all germs and viruses. We advise you to deep clean your rugs twice a year.

3. Take Shoes off

Please ensure that you do not drag mud and dirt inside and put some rules to protect carpets. Request all the family members and guests to obey the rules. It helps keep your carpets clean and stain free.

4. Dark Colored Rugs

White, cream, yellow rugs discolored pretty quickly, so we advise you to buy dark-colored (grey, blue, brown) carpets for high traffic areas. Dirt may not show up quickly, and regular vacuuming will be good for maintenance. However, you should deep clean your carpets twice a year.

5. Routine Vacuums

Debris and dirt can be trapped in the fibers, making them more difficult to eliminate. Vacuuming your carpets regularly can solve this problem and increase the longevity of the items. Many brands come with a warranty, and you need to deep clean carpets to maintain the warranty.

6. Clean High Traffic Areas

You can use wood or mat instead of carpets in the entrance gate. Carpets catch the debris, soil, and dirt quickly. We would not recommend you to use rugs in high traffic areas.

In some cases, if you want to enhance the beauty of the drawing-room, you can use nylon or wool carpets for a long-lasting effect.

You can also lay the mat on the carpets to protect an area from the damage. However, it would be better to clean mats, rugs, and carpets regularly because these can be the breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Regular cleaning ensures the safety and security of your family.

7. Scotchgard Protection

It protects against liquids, stains and resists dirt, soil from ruining your carpets. If you do not have one applied already, it is time to take action. Please make sure no open spot is left in the carpets; otherwise, spills may pass through the spot and damage the fibers. Please take the help of a water damage carpet restoration service for Scotchgard protection.

8. Use Plastic Mats

Plastic mats provide the best solutions if you want to protect carpet fibers from staining, especially in high traffic areas. It protects carpets from food waste, spills, stains and foot traffic. If you are going to arrange a party, please cover the carpet area with plastic mats.

9. Remove Spills

You cannot prevent the accident, but you can remove the spills and stains as soon as you find them. Do not rub the spot; otherwise, it enlarges the spills and goes deeper into the fibers. It would be best if you dabbed up the moisture to avoid damage and stains.

10. Hire Professional Services

Professionals understand the reasons and science behind carpet damage. IICRC certified experts have researched these issues; they can provide better solutions than DIY experts.

The tips we’ve provided for protecting your carpets from stains can also be applied to protect carpet from water damage. If you have a flood or leak that has caused significant water damage, there is no time to spare. You need professional water damage carpet cleaning Adelaide service help with the cleanup and restoration process quickly. Call us today at +61480022719 if you require assistance restoring your rug, furniture, wall surfaces, flooring, etc. after an unfortunate event like this! We are available 24/7 so call anytime day or night when natural disasters happen – don’t hesitate!