Many adults live very sedentary lifestyles, with hours of sitting at their desks to work every day. Sedentary lifestyles have been linked to higher rates of heart disease and shorter lifespans, so it is in your best interest to prioritize physical activity. Whether you participate in structured workouts or play outside with your family, you must make time to move regularly. Even a few minutes of movement at the top of every hour can make a positive difference. Consider the following exercise options as you increase your physical activity and optimize your health. 

1. Learn a New Game

Learning to play a new game can help you to get moving and improve your neuroplasticity as you age. Consider picking up a set of paddletek pickleball paddles and hitting the courts at your local rec center. This relatively new sport is taking the world by storm and it can be extra fun to learn alongside other enthusiasts. You can also learn to golf, try martial arts, or find a cricket club.

2. Join a Tennis Tournament

Whether you played tennis in college or started playing recently, joining a tennis tournament can push you to train. Local and regional tournaments may be open to various ages and levels of ability. Recruit training partners and friends to enter the tournament with you, and sharpen your skills on the courts. Leading up to the tournament, look for workshops and clinics with well-informed tennis pros. 

3. Go to a Pilates Studio

A pilates studio is a great place to try a low-impact workout in a sensory-friendly environment. Traditional pilates typically involves resistance springs on specialized machines and high-repetition mat routines. Once you know the repertoire of traditional pilates moves, you can join any class and follow easy cues. Look at instructor profiles on studio websites and feel free to research their training and certifications.  

4. Take Yoga Classes Online

You do not have to carry a yoga mat to a studio to experience a great class. Online yoga instruction is often more financially accessible and inclusive of diverse ability levels than boutique brick-and-mortar studios. Look for recorded or live classes on YouTube, Patreon, or Zoom. Online yoga instructors also offer personalized practices.  

5. Bike to Work

Fit your workout into your daily routine by cycling to work. Although National Bike to Work Day happens once per year, you can make it a regular occurrence. Research routes with protected bike lanes and keep a reliable weather application on your phone. It can be helpful to keep a change of professional clothes and a toiletry kit in your office.  

6. Take a Dance Break

Embrace your carefree side and take a dance break during lunchtime or dinner preparations. A dance break can last for one or two songs, and silliness is the goal. Get moving and feel the music while boosting your serotonin levels. Create a dance break playlist so that you are always ready to bust a move.

7. Build Strength with Weights

Use weights machines or lighter free weights to build muscle strength three or four times per week. You may benefit from working with a personal trainer at your gym or using a fitness app at home. Talk to your doctor about any concerns you may have before starting a new exercise program. 

8. Travel with Resistance Bands

Resistance bands fit into virtually any travel bag and can aid in maintaining a strength workout routine on the go. Look for a resistance band workout video online.

9. Jump in a Pool

Join an adult swimming club or take a few laps around your YMCA pool lanes every week. An indoor pool membership can keep you moving all year.  

10. Run or Walk a Charity 5K

Register for a charity 5K in your area and follow a training program. Schedule daily runs or walks in the months before your race and aim to improve along the way. 

Take your health into your own hands and build an active future.