Tropical flowers are so bright, vivid, and lively! I say whenever you’re in doubt about floral decorations, go with tropical flowers. Your home will instantly brighten up for any happy occasion that you’re about to celebrate. The exotic charm of these colorful beauties are unmatched by any other.

Here’s everything that you need to know about tropical flowers:

What is a tropical flower?

By tropical flowers, we generally refer to the flowers native to tropical locations. Flowers that grow in warm and humid climate in the tropical regions of the world are all known as tropical flowers as a whole. Below is a list of the most popular and pretty tropical flowers that will beautify every occasion held at your home.

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Top 10 tropical flowers for decoration:

  1. Phalaenopsis Orchid White:

The Orchid family of flowers is one of the most popular tropical flowers out there. The white Phalaenopsis orchid gives a festive look to any place, be it indoor or outdoor. Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary, the premium Phalaenopsis orchids will make your décor look extremely gorgeous.

  1. Cymbidium Orchids:

Another classic favorite in the Orchids family is the Cymbidium Orchid. These pretty and bright blooms in jade or yellow make the perfect floral presents for happy occasions like a birthday, a success party, hoursewarming, or even babyshower. You can also use them as tabletop centerpieces or other kinds of decorations.

  1. Birds of Paradise:

Birds of Paradise flowers are very unique in their appearance, hence, are very eye-catching. If you’re planning an afternoon or evening event and aiming for a breezy and summery vibe, then you must consider including Birds of Paradise in your décor. Just put them in vases and place on tabletops, or mount in your walls. They will look equally charming both ways. If you’re wondering about where to get exotic flower delivery, we strongly suggest looking online and placing your orders from a florist that partners with your local flower shops. That way, you’ll not only support your local businesses, but also receive extremely fresh and lively flowers very fast!

  1. White Calla Lilies

Another white in the collection, the Calla Lilies are one of the most popular flowers in the world, and look so exotic when used as decorations. A big bouquet of lilies will be excellent as anniversary or wedding gifts. It’s also suitable for occasions like Mother’s Day or Father’s day, to say ‘I miss you’, or ‘Congratulations’, and more.

  1. Purple Mokara Orchids

Mokara Orchids in purple look great as garlands, bouquets, and other kinds of flower arrangements. If you’re hosting a tropical theme party, a beach party, or an afternoon summer bash, then Mokara orchids should definitely be on your décor list. It will bring a vibrant and exotic vibe to the whole occasion.

  1. Tropical Red Ginger Flower

Red hibiscuses are the thing of the past. If you really want to go overboard with the whole idea of a tropical look and feel, these ginger flowers in bright fiery red hues will do justice. If you’ve been invited to such an event, you can carry a bouquet of red Ginger flowers, paired with contrasting shades of white, yellow, or purple, it will be a clear winner!

  1. Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are eternally favorite with flower-lovers from around the world. Yellow roses symbolize friendship, warmth, and affection. Make a meaningful gift towards your family and friends by offering a yellow rose bouquet on occasions like birthdays, to say congratulations, to wish good luck, or just because you want to make someone feel special.

  1. White Asiatic Lilies

White Asiatic Lilies are also extremely favorite among tropical flower lovers. White Asiatic lilies can be paired with any other colorful flowers including roses, carnations, gerberas, hydrangeas, and Orchids, and the resulting bouquet will look exquisitely beautiful. This kind of bouquet will grace any happy occasions, be it a daytime event or nighttime.

  1. Blue Hydrangeas

Add a dash of glamor and sophistication to your celebrations with the color blue in forms of fresh and bright Hydrangeas. Events like Birthdays, anniversaries, dinner parties, housewarmings, or any other happy occasion will brighten up when you include Hydrangeas in the mix. 

  1. Purple Roses

Finally, our last selection is the good old rose, but in Purple, which is quite uncommon and unique. And that’s why it makes your décor so special when you use them. Valentine’s Days and other romantic occasions will be made special with a gift of purple rose bouquets instead of the Red ones.