What according to you is the secret to consistently delivering successful projects? Of course, it’s the resources such as your employees, and other important things like machines, equipment, systems, finances, etc. But besides that, the most imperative thing is to select the right people for your projects as per the skills required and then do efficient resource planning. But the key question is, how can you do that to ensure that there are no misses from your end? The technological advancements in today’s times offer a lot of solutions. For example, project management software can ease your work to a great extent.

You can easily create project plans, plan, schedule, and allocate resources on various projects, create schedules, etc. in just a few steps using project planning software. With so many projects planning tools in the market, it’s not easy to find the right project management tool that fits your needs. So, here is a consolidated list of the best project management tools that suit various types of industries and businesses.

Best Project Management Tools

1. eResource Scheduler

Be it streamlining the project development process or final delivery, choosing this best-in-class resource planning software is your best bet. eResource Scheduler Cloud is an award-winning multi-user tool with a feature-rich interface and is quite easy to use. Available at a very competitive price, this top-rated project management software with time tracking will make multi-project planning a cakewalk for you. eResource Scheduler makes it easy for you to track the status of work, and productivity of employees and improves collaboration and coordination between teams.

Not only project and resource management, but this AI-enabled project planning software manages capacity planning, workflow management, scheduling, tracking utilization, and a lot more. The main features include high configurability, drag-and-drop scheduling, scalability, email notifications and automated alerts, graphical and detailed reports, etc.

The cherry on the cake is multiple calendars and easy daily monitoring, detailed utilization reports, timesheet management, detailed resource, project, job profiling, and split or recurrence booking options. With this project planning software, you can easily design visual dashboards, constantly track performance and profitability, and improve your resource utilization between 18 to 30%. Book a free trial to check out the robust architecture and other benefits.

2. Mavenlink 

This enterprise-level project management software helps in planning and executing projects, and managing resource scheduling, and your distributed team with ease. Mavenlink provides readymade project templates made keeping in mind multiple scenarios. It also assists you with an automated and quick estimation of project resources, which further enables you to do accurate estimations of costs and profit margins. It also helps evaluate the most viable hiring strategies and how those decisions impact profitability.

This project planning software also helps in predicting the resourcing requirements vis-à-vis availability as per the organization’s current capacity with the help of detailed what-if analysis. The tool’s resource management module offers precise real-time utilization data both at the task and project levels. Other significant features include resource forecasting, capacity planning and management, project planning, and scenario, and role-based planning.

3. Monday.com 

This flexible project planning tool offers a platform for various resources and departments to communicate and collaborate with ease. They can also gain clarity about the 360-degree view of organizational resources, projects, availability, and projected timelines. workforce software Monday intuitive design and easy-to-use interface enable you to breeze through resource planning, allocation, creating schedules, assigning projects, and monitoring project status in simple steps.

This resource planning tool offers multiple views to display detailed data, and the employees can log into the tool according to their roles and preference. You can check out the workload view to identify which resource has the bandwidth to accept additional work and check who is over-booked. It also helps to provide insight into the team’s capacity and adjust the timelines accordingly. This employee management software also provides enables you to manage your remote team and efficiently organize your tasks, deliverables, data, and resources on one platform.

4. Resource Guru 

A simple but robust project planning tool, it works for resource scheduling, project planning, scheduling, capacity planning, etc. Easy to learn and implement, Resource Guru provides a clear view of how the resources are aligned to various projects, a list of all the clients, and who is the booker by color coding. You can manage your clients, stakeholders, projects, and resources, and also integrate the tool automatically with the calendar.

This project management software offers powerful reports and automation that enable you to eliminate manual data entries and reduce the probability of errors. The unique thing about this project planning software is that new features are added constantly, and you can see motivational phrases and quotes when you use it.

The tool helps you manage your human resources, equipment and tools, and meeting rooms on one single platform. What’s more? Analyze utilization percentages across various resources, projects, and clients to accurately forecast for your projects. If interested, try this employee management software for free for 30 days!

5. Ganttic

An online resource planning tool designed for teams and organizations of all sizes, Ganttic is very advantageous for managing multiple projects and portfolios and planning resources effectively for maximum efficiency. This flexible project planning software is customizable and you can create comprehensive plans and visual data to provide a clear overview of all the organization-wide resources and projects.

You can select how detailed your plans will be, be it simple and quick resource scheduling, or a comprehensive project plan of 2 weeks project, where your resources can view their assigned tasks and send notes and enter data in custom data fields. This project management software offers a free plan and various premium plans depending on the maximum number of employees. 

6. Runn

This resource and project management software centralizes all the organization’s resource information and data in one place. You can view the entire resource pool in one place in real time. It also offers you insight into the workload distribution, resource availability, and utilization of each team member.

Project managers can optimally plan and utilize their resources as per their capacity and know when they should hire additional people. Matching the right competencies to the right projects also becomes easy. The features of resource scheduling help you assign employees to various projects and create tasks and assignments in a few simple steps. Allocate work to someone in just drag and drop, click, and also extend, shorten, transfer, or split work.

The workload view, time off or holidays management, custom workdays including work hours, etc help in the efficient project and resource management. The pricing of this employee management software is offered in several plans with monthly or annual payment plans. Check it out with a 14-day free trial and special pricing available for various non-profit organizations and low-income countries. 

7. TeamGantt

An online Gantt chart creator, this project planning tool helps to easily and clearly visualize and make project plans. It also helps create schedules that you can update or amend from anywhere and easily share with anyone.

This project management software blends an intuitive tool with a drag-and-drop feature and a great collaborative platform that enables real-time collaboration and sharing of project progress and status updates. Your teams can manage faster planning and managing schedules, and effectively plan and manage resources and their projects with one application.

TeamGantt is a top project planning software not only because it’s easy to use, but also quite well designed. The pricing of this employee management software is available in various plans as per the team’s requirements. Try out the premium plans that are absolutely free for 30 days.

8. GanttPro

Launched in 2015, this project management software is today one of the best resource management tools in the market. This tool is especially beneficial for small businesses that require a project management platform that is quite easy to use.

An Editors’ Choice winner, GanttPro is a well-known project management software that is best suited for complex projects. You can use it for creating project plans, and schedules, tracking workflows, maintaining expenses, following timelines, and a lot more. The tool offers many ready-made templates and customizing options for you to begin with ease.

Offering competitive pricing both for the Individual and larger team plans, this project planning tool allows seamless communication between various resources and teams. It also enables balanced workload distribution and a dedicated workspace where you can view Gantt charts and Board views.

9. Airtable

Another tool that shows up in the list of best project management tools, is Airtable, which is a software that empowers you to build the solutions you require to drive innovation and help your team to be Agile.

You can streamline various project and resource management processes and workflows with Airtable and use this powerful tool to enable your teams to structure their operations, define associations between things, and create customized views tailored to specific requirements and types of work.

This project management software provides transparency and clear visibility to all stakeholders, employees, and project managers. The best benefit is that the tool enables your teams to resolve a broad variety of use cases without any IT resources. Interested in trying out Airtable? Check it out and see why so many organizations are implementing Airtable and leaving behind spreadsheets.

10. Wrike

Wrike is another very powerful resource planning tool and works management software that enables you to plan your projects efficiently and collaborate in real-time. This award-winning employee management software is trusted by over 20,000+ companies globally.

This tool’s customizable features including request forms, detailed dashboards, Gantt charts, cross-tagging, proofing, and time tracking make it very popular. You can also integrate the software with over 400+ apps with ease.

All the repetitive and mundane tasks in your workplace can be automated and you can achieve 50% quicker planning. Working with remote teams also becomes easy as you can access this tool from your mobile or desktop apps.

Even if you are a new start-up or a well-known brand, Wrike definitely has some solutions for you. Paid plans begin at as low as $9.80/user/month. Book your two-week trial free of charge and check the tool yourself.