Home décor is so much more than just having a nice house. The way we organize the space we live in can affect our lives in many ways. Your environment is crucial for your wellbeing and that is just one of the reasons why feng shui has become so popular. If you’re not too interested in these kinds of practices, but you still want to get the most out of your home, you can simply read through these tips and pick the ones that will suit your home the best. Your house will look better immediately, but that isn’t the only benefit. You and your whole household will start living a healthier life simply because your surroundings will inspire you to do so.

Decorating the kitchen

If you don’t know where to start, the kitchen is always the best option. The food you eat determines the quality of life you lead. If you cook a lot and love spending time in the kitchen, here are some ideas that will improve your cooking and eating habits.

Use the right appliances

Firstly, you should make sure that all of your appliances are in great condition. Then, you should use them for decoration. Placing them around the kitchen is the perfect way to keep them within reach and to let them inspire you to stay healthy.

For instance, a blender will always remind you of vitamin and protein fuelled shake or smoothie. That is an ideal reason for you to put it up on the kitchen counter. To stay hydrated, get a cute jug and interesting glasses for the whole family. Fill a bowl with various fruits and leave it there as well to get your daily vitamin dose without exceptions!

Declutter and organize

The first thing that creates a poor atmosphere in the kitchen is the clutter. How can you ever do something good and make something healthy if you’re preparing it in the dusty area where expired foods and unwashed dishes lay around?

After you’ve thrown out everything expired or unhealthy, make sure to get more fruits and vegetables in there. Organise your fridge well and put up some labels to help you keep everything under control. A plant gift delivery could be the perfect opportunity to bring a fresh breath of air and health into your kitchen.

Decorating the living room

Another room where people tend to spend a lot of time is the living room. If this is true for your family as well, make sure to create a cosy and healthy ambience in the living room. We all like this room to be comfortable and full of textures. However, some other things will allow the energy to flow and you to thrive!

Choose the colours carefully

Since you’ll be spending a lot of your time in the living room, you don’t want to get a headache as soon as you step in there. That is why choosing the perfect colour pattern is so important. Colours can affect our mood and bring the best or the worst in us.

For instance, flashy and aggressive shades will make you feel uneasy and they will cause headaches, especially if you sit there for hours. On the other hand, bright and naturally coloured walls will make you feel relaxed. Large windows and right curtains or blinds will allow the light to get in and you’ll get the perfect living room.

Clear out the space

Again, you should remember to declutter this room as well. Old pieces, broken or damaged, piles of papers or paid bills, everything should find its place as far from your point of view as possible. All of these things could make you feel tired and worn out as soon as you notice them. 

Old pieces of furniture could also disrupt the energy flow. If you can, you should always revamp some of the old pieces and make them seem fresh and new. Opposite to the old version, these pieces won’t make you feel suffocated in any way.

Decorating the home office

If you work from home, having a separate room for a home office is essential. It is crucial to separate your business life from your private one. Even though this can be a tedious task when you work remotely, you can still do so with the help of a home office.

Organize it properly

Having a home office can make you more productive in your professional life and more relaxed in your private life. It is also easier for the members of your household to respect your working hours when you close the office doors.

To organise this space, you’ll need a couple of things. Firstly, a large table with many drawers could be the perfect starting point. You should create a mail station to sort out your mail carefully and avoid mixups. You should label everything, categorize, and colour code. All of these will help you stay productive without wasting time or getting lost in the process.

Stay motivated

To stay focused and on task, you should pay attention to the environment. Is your home office well lit? Is there enough fresh air? Make sure to get some lamps in if you don’t get enough lighting and place some plants around. These will help you stay awake and focused.

To do your job at all times, put some motivational posters on the wall and the screensaver as well. You can put some family pictures up or other motivating pieces. Whatever makes you feel happy and ready to work will do just fine!

Decorating the workout corner

Are you into home workouts and yoga? If the answer is no, that could be because you don’t have a perfectly decorated workout corner in your home. How to make one? Easy, with a few basic pieces of equipment and a bit of spare time, you’ll have your own home gym!

Buy the equipment

Where to start when equipping a workout corner? From a yoga mat, without a doubt. You could get one in your favourite colour and place it in whatever corner you’ve cleared in the home. This could be in the living room, bedroom, or a guest room – wherever you find it suitable.

You could also invest in some more serious exercise equipment such as a home exercise bike, power rack, or suspension trainer. Depending on your ambitions, you’ll know what to get. However, for a beginner, you could get a jump rope, some resistance bands, and a balance disc.

Create an active atmosphere

If having a workout corner isn’t enough for you to take on exercising regularly, you could make the corner even more appealing. For instance, you could subscribe to some fitness blogs and play their videos on the screen above the equipment. You could also put up some motivational posters.

To make the space even more irresistible, you can place some Himalayan salt lamps there, as well as scented sticks or candles. All of these will make exercising seem like a true self-care activity and you and your family will always occupy this space!

Decorating the bedroom

Finally, you shouldn’t forget about the space where you sleep. Recharging your batteries is essential if you plan to stay a functional being. That is why an uninterrupted night of quality sleep is important. Even if you’re not aware of that, your bedroom could affect the quality of your sleep.

No technology!

Firstly, you should know that blue light can be very bad for you and the quality of your sleep. Even if you do have some technology in your bedroom, you should always make sure that the kids’ room is technology-free. Namely, this light can damage your sleep in various ways.

Since blue light blocks melatonin, you can’t fall asleep properly. This is the hormone that makes you feel sleepy. That is why you always feel like watching another episode late at night instead of getting that much-needed sleep. Get rid of the TV, laptop, or phones in the bedroom and see how your sleep improves!

Sleep on a good bed

A comfortable mattress is the first thing that will create a good bedroom. You need something to properly support your spine and make you wake up well-rested. You should also pay attention to the materials you choose for the bed.

Keep everything natural and healthy. For instance, bamboo sheets could be a perfect choice. Get some more pillows, create texture and make the room more comfortable. For greater control over lighting, choose some thick, luxurious drapes. Keep the nightstand clean and tidy at all times and you’ll have a gorgeous bedroom made for sleeping soundly!


Staying healthy is all about remembering to do the things that are good for you. For instance, if you always forget to eat fruit, place it somewhere where you won’t be able to avoid it. Put a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen, living room, and the home office, and you definitely won’t forget to eat it! Think of the habits you want to encourage and organize your home according to them!