You should consider more than just fashion when shopping for shoes. Function and maintaining good foot health are also important considerations. These 10 tips will help you select the right shoes.

  1. Make a trace of your foot. Then, place any shoe that you are considering buying on top of this tracing. Don’t try on any shoe that is shorter or wider than the tracing.
  2. You can shop for shoes in the afternoon because your foot naturally expands during the day.
  3. You should bring the same socks as the shoes to the store.
  4. Measure both your feet and have a salesperson measure them every time you purchase new shoes. As we age, our feet change. They can become larger or smaller. Buy a larger size if one foot is bigger than the other.
  5. Steer straight forward in the shoes. To ensure that there is about a quarter-inch between your longest toes and the end, press gently on the top. This gives your foot enough space to move forward when you walk. To ensure there is enough space, wiggle your toes.
  6. To feel how the shoes feel, walk around in them. Is there enough space at the heels? Are the heels snug or loose? You shouldn’t assume that shoes need to be “broken-in.” You want shoes that fit right from the beginning.
  7. Don’t judge a shoe’s description or size. Instead, trust your level of comfort. Manufacturers may vary in size. You are the judge, no matter how comfortable they claim to be.
  8. Be aware of both width and length. Ask if the shoe comes in a larger size if your foot feels strained. Shoes that are half-size larger but not wider won’t solve the problem.
  9. Check the inside of your shoes for any seams or tags that could irritate them.
  10. Take a look at the soles. Are they strong enough to protect against sharp objects? Are they able to provide cushioning? Pay attention to how the shoes feel when you are walking around the shoe shop. To see how they feel on both carpet and hard surfaces, you can walk on them both.
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