Which is the most popular degree in the country right now? Surveys indicate computer science, engineering, and psychology remain the most sought-after college majors today. However, these surveys also always include “accounting and finance” as a popular option among students. Accounting aspirants are worried about how to advance their careers in the business industry after graduation. Indubitably, students find a career in accounting and finance exceedingly competitive in the beginning. Therefore, you require a combination of certain “hard skills” and “soft skills” for climbing the career ladder quickly. So, how can a student create a prolific career in accounting and finance? Let’s explain it here for your consideration.

Suggestions for accounting and finance grads

The pandemic has shifted people’s priorities and made employers search for alternative capabilities among young candidates. Modern-day employees must adapt to survive and enhance their accounting-related qualities. So, which skills can help you thrive in today’s constantly evolving marketplace? Below, we have discussed some abilities so that accounting and finance grads may advance their careers and achieve their goals. You cannot make any progress in the business industry without following some of our below-mentioned suggestions. Remember that accountants always remain sought-after since every organization needs someone to keep their books clean. You can land some excellent employment opportunities by:

  1. Preparing for exams

Passing the CPA examination allows you to commence your journey in accounting and finance. Now, how do you pass this exam? We suggest you purchase a reliable test prep for honing your chances to get all the answers right. Now, the Wiley CPA course review helps both starters and strugglers today prepare for the examination. It offers online classes anytime and anywhere for your convenience. A student needs these web-based resources to perform better and start their careers in this industry.

  1. Getting a mentor

You can’t succeed in your career without leveraging mentorship opportunities. We suggest workers establish meaningful connections with well-experienced accountants and learn from them. They can help you develop your soft skills, associate with colleagues, and climb up the ladder of success. So, accounting aspirants must find mentors to advance their careers. Your mentor can offer you advice based on first-hand encounters with accounting-related problems. In short, you require a mentor.

  1. Gaining more experience

Experienced professionals witness a sweeping escalation in their annual income. Experts have always explained how with more experience comes a better salary. Moreover, specialization combined with experience can help you become a more sought-after candidate for future employers. Now, you can gain some experience in Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, and the Dodd-Frank Act. So, this specialization enables you to advance in your career and become a candidate for promotions.

  1. Broadening your skills

Accountants require broader qualities for surviving in this industry. You don’t wish to always remain pigeon-holed in just one area of expertise. Expand your marketability and bolster your employability by broadening your horizon and constantly reskilling/upskilling yourself. Learn about the changes in the business industry and update your know-how. You can’t stay lucrative as a candidate unless you continuously evolve as an employee. That’s why we suggest accountants become tech-savvy.

  1. Being more tech-savvy

Being tech-savvy isn’t optional anymore; it’s become crucial for any professional’s survival in the post-pandemic business industry. No wonder tech-savvy accountants are in demand right now! Managers are looking for people well-versed in both accounting and technology. You must learn how to use an accounting software program to enhance your employability. Automation has become important in today’s business industry. You can add some value to your proficiency by improving your tech skills.

  1. Developing soft skills

Recruiters today are concerned about candidates not possessing the required soft skills they are often looking for today. It’s not enough if you’re good at your job but can’t work with a team to solve a certain problem. It’s estimated that 77% of employers today are looking for soft skills while recruiting graduates. So, you should collaborate productively, communicate effectively, and improve your critical thinking skills. That’s how you stay relevant in your company and advance your career.

  1. Not losing momentum

Graduates often become confused about career-related pathways after finishing their degrees. They will become so familiar with their current positions that progress seems like an idea not much worth pursuing. However, we strongly advise against losing momentum and stop trying to get better employment opportunities within this industry. Compel yourself to evolve proactively as well as search for further development opportunities. That’s how your career keeps moving forward.

  1. Boosting your know-how

Accounts and finance professionals must constantly update their information regarding this industry to survive. Remember that the post-pandemic business industry’s changing rapidly today, and continuous education can let you stay relevant in this field. So, watch out for recent trends in the industry. Read relevant journals and magazines to update your know-how. Keep in touch with what’s happening in your industry. So, you can easily climb the ladder of success and establish a prolific career in this industry.

  1. Honing leadership skills

Managers are more interested in hiring people capable of handling leadership positions. So, we suggest you work on your leadership capabilities along with other soft skills. It means you should embrace constant learning (since the business industry evolves continuously) and mentor your subordinates. Employers prefer workers who are resolve conflicts and are well-apt at decision-making. So, try to step into more senior roles within the organization as an accountant.

  1. Embracing the change

In the end, don’t forget change is the only constant. Regardless of which industry you’ve joined, embracing the change has become crucial for survival. We’ve explained how technology today affects every aspect of the business industry, so accountants must hone their “soft skills” and tech skills to survive. Therefore, we suggest graduates get well-prepared to embrace changes in this field. That’s how you can create a great career in accounting and finance today.


Accountants make more than $73,000 on average each year and remain some of the most well-received employees in the country right now. It’s estimated that there are 1.39 million people associated with the field of accounting and finance today. So, how can you excel at your job and become better at handling it in 2022? We’ve discussed some suggestions to help you become an accomplished accountant. First, get a reliable course review to prepare for your CPA examination. Expand your knowledge about accounting and leverage mentorship to enhance your know-how. Broaden your capabilities by getting “soft skills” and becoming tech-savvy. Embrace change and remain committed to honesty in your career as well.