This article will help you discover what you need before going to university. This step-by-step guide outlines the tasks that you need to complete before starting university. These tips by Link Essay best writing experts will help you to learn what you need to know about university for your settling-in process to be stress-free.

1. Book Amazing Accommodation

Deciding on student accommodation can be daunting. This is especially true if you’re an international student. You can choose to live in a private apartment or share your kitchen with others. You can also consider sharing a flat to live the true student experience and meet new people.

Make a list of the pros and cons for each option if you’re having trouble deciding between shared and private accommodation. This will allow you to make an informed decision and help you understand your options. It doesn’t matter what, it will only be your first year. If you decide that you prefer one of these options after graduating from university, it is easy to switch to student accommodation.

After you have organized your student accommodation, ensure that you have everything you need to make it feel like home. You won’t feel homesick the first few weeks of your new university life.

2. Take Control of your Student Finances

Students’ finances are often overlooked before they start university, which can lead to poor social life and bland meals. Do your research to find the best student loan or bank account. Calculate your rent, groceries, and other expenses. Spreadsheets can be your best friend. You could even find a part time job or take out a small student loan which is perfect for students with poor credit. If your credit score is a worry to you, having bills under your name which you pay back on time can help increase this. As with all loans, be sure to do your research beforehand.

For tips on how to save your fun tokens, talk to your parents.

3. Keep Organized and decide what you will do

You don’t want to arrive at university and find that you have forgotten your favorite pillow. Before packing, make sure to mentally divide your belongings into two parts. You don’t need to pack everything in your bedroom. It’s easier to just add a few things than it is to take them all.

Prioritize what you need by using a university packing list. These lists include everything you need plus all the essentials that students require, such as drinking games and earplugs. Don’t forget your student stationery! Not only will you be organized in your classes, but so will notepads and pens! Also find a good accommodation before going to university. At McComb Students we’re raising the standard of student accommodation in Ormskirk and guarantee you a fab place to stay. 

4. Plan your Transportation

Find the best routes from your accommodation to the city center, university campus, or train stations by exploring the surrounding area. It’s great if everything is within walking distance. This might be something you want to consider in winter.

Different cities in the UK have different public transport options. Trams are a viable alternative to buses, and they are more frequent at peak times. Students can take a 24-hour night bus service from cities like Swansea to return to their accommodation after a night out.

5. Get to know your New Neighborhood

It can be daunting to get to know a new place, but it doesn’t have to be scary! To get a better understanding of your new city, visit the museums, galleries, and attractions. Soon you will be able to navigate the campus and find the best places for food and drink.

Trip Advisor can help you find great restaurants in your area. Untapped, a great app that helps you find great bars in your city, often with local beers on tap, is also a great tool.

The best way to find a place is to walk and not use your phone. You will discover hidden gems like independent cafes and boutique shops by taking in the local atmosphere.

6. Get Essential Cooking Skills

You can’t eat take-out for the duration of your university stay. Before you go to uni, learn the basics of cooking and impress your flat mates with delicious meals.

You can bring pasta, rice, and cereals to uni. On nights when you don’t feel like cooking, frozen pizzas or microwave meals can be great alternatives to take-out. Don’t just rely on the corner store to find your nearest supermarket.

To get an understanding of the basics, you can watch a few videos on YouTube or cook programs. If you don’t have any time to go to university and are looking for extra income, you might consider working part-time at a local cafe or take-out.

True often offers cooking and well-being classes. This teaches our guests how to create delicious comfort food and how to eat a healthy diet. The trust café on site is open 24/7 so don’t worry if you run out of things! You can find everything you need in the shop!

7. Meet your Future Flat Mates

It is possible to avoid awkward first moments by getting to know your flatmates before you move in. Make moving easy by getting in touch with Facebook groups

It’s always daunting to make first impressions. By using social media, it is possible to get to know each other and plan a wonderful week in your accommodation.

8. Get ready to Welcome Fresher’s this Week

Fresher’s week was designed to help new students make new friends and meet other like-minded students. Student’s Union will hold fairs and get-togethers to help new students discover sports and clubs they might be interested in. Fresher’s week is a great opportunity to meet new people and make lasting friendships.

A majority of universities will publish the fresher’s week schedule several weeks before the start of each term. Fancy dress is always a good way to meet new people. Make sure you bring a cool outfit!

9. In your Independent Study, Factor In

Contrary to popular belief university isn’t all about having fun until the sun rises. Independent study is a large part of university life – homework for grownups. To avoid unpleasant surprises, set realistic expectations about the work you will need to complete in your own time.

You should not have joined any societies or sports clubs during fresher’s week. This can sometimes conflict with your lectures. Make sure you are aware of your timetable to avoid any confusion.

10. Make the most of your time

Although you might not realize it, homesickness is very common among university students. Before you leave, make sure to spend as much time with your friends and family as possible. You can still Facetime them, no matter where they are located!

It is a good idea to organize a vacation with your friends before you move away. If you all have gone on your own, it can be hard to organize and the costs of student life will kick in.

Before you leave, make sure to give your family and pets as much time as you can. Invite your parents to help you in your “unis hop”, and reward them with dinner prepared with your new cooking skills.

Although it can be frightening to start university, once you are settled in and feel comfortable, the first few weeks can be one of your best years.