Unlike other types of gambling, live roulette can be easily practiced and mastered without making any serious financial commitment. However, it does not mean that good just happens.

In fact, there are some important ways to practice live roulette to increase your chances of winning real money while only investing a few minutes per day. Follow the advice below to master immersive roulette betting and increase your chances of winning real money.

1. Decide to play with a live dealer or against an RNG machine

Live dealers could be a significant advantage in live speed roulette. Unlike an RNG computer that uses random numbers, the live dealer roulette can use his instincts to decide where to place the ball.

Even though live dealers give you less flexibility, they generally make slightly more money than an RNG computer. And that’s because their strategy of selecting the number and position of the ball is different from one machine to the next.

2. Understand the odds before you bet

There’s a big difference between the odds of winning on live speed roulette and the odds of winning at live roulette casinos. The reason is that there are so many factors linking one type of gambling to its counterpart.

For example, when you play live roulette in Las Vegas, you’re unlikely to lose a great deal of money even if you don’t know exactly how to bet. But that’s not necessarily true in Europe or online Australia—in which case you only play for fun.

3. Try different betting systems, but don’t rely on them

You see, RNG numbers are like any other numbers: nobody knows exactly which one they will be. However, most casino gamblers tend to gamble based on their gut feeling of whether the number will come up or not.

It’s not a problem if you know what you’re trying to accomplish. However, it is important to know the risks. In other words, don’t bet on something random just because everybody else in the live roulette sites is doing so.

4. Find casinos you can trust

Most gamblers think it’s impossible to win real money on live roulette. But that’s nonsense because a few years ago, it wasn’t even possible to gamble online and win real money or even play casino games for free! So there’s a good chance that you can find a great live speed roulette game if you know how to look for it.

Like you’ve already figured out by now, live roulette is subject to the same laws of probability as any other kind of betting activity: the odds are exactly the same whether you play at an online casino or a land-based one.

5. Know your roulette variations

Aside from the American Roulette and European Roulette variants, there are also a few different types of classic roulette wheel. For example, you can play mini roulette online or roulette for real money at casinos. The other thing to remember is that even with the same rules, there are still differences between one casino game and another.

Most casinos set their live speed roulette wheels with only two zeros—a single zero wheel and a double zero wheel. However, some live roulette sites have a European wheel with three zeros instead of two (and, therefore, slightly less chance of winning). French roulette includes both a single zero and double zero and two zeros on the outside section. It’s similar to its counterpart in terms of odds—but slightly more advantageous for players who place their bets on the outside area of the wheel.

6. Don’t drink and bet

A lot of people like to play roulette as a way to relax and have some fun at the same time. The fact is, it’s perfectly possible to place bets without having too much alcohol on board—although your judgment might not be as good as a sober person’s.

A lot of gamblers ask what the best way is to go about placing bets while under the influence of alcohol. The answer is simple: just don’t do it. If you prefer playing with friends or family, set a time limit for each game—and make sure you pay attention to when it ends!

7. Never risk more than you can pay

The most important rule of any betting activity is the simplest: never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. If you bet on a game with the intention to win, then there’s no difference between you and someone who compulsively bets rented money each week.

An excessive amount of risk-taking is the number one cause of gambling-related problems. If you’re an occasional gambler, make sure that you don’t get carried away—and if you do, set a pre-determined limit for how much you’re allowed to spend per game.

If things go south and you lose significant sums of money, stop playing immediately and walk away.

8. The gambler’s fallacy is BS

While playing roulette for real money, it’s often tempting to think that you can actually win—and if you lose, you should have played better. This is called the gambler’s fallacy, and it’s completely false.

We’ve all heard this nagging argument: “If you lose money on a single bet, it’s not a big deal. But once you start losing lots of money on multiple bets, that can build up into a significant problem”.

9. Go to a live casino in order to change things up

Let’s be honest. Reading and watching videos is great, but it’s also a damn lot of fun to visit a real casino and put your skills to the test. There are many great live casinos out there, including some that are fully mobile-friendly, so head over to our casino reviews section to find a nice one near you. Or, if you’re in Las Vegas, you can always cross the border into Nevada for some fantastic live play.

If you don’t have a casino nearby, you might want to make your luck at home: just pick one person—and make them play live roulette against the house and the rest of your friends.

It’s not impossible to win money on live roulette, but it does require a great deal of skill and practice. But there’s no better way to learn some street smarts than to practice your bets in a casino environment where the stakes are real money.

10. Know that the casino always has a favorable situation

Finally, take it on board that the casino will always have an edge, and you should never gamble with money that you can’t afford to lose. Remember that there is a difference between playing at a live casino and a provably fair online casino.

In Vegas, the house has such an edge over you because it owns the building and employs all of its staff. Online casinos don’t have those kinds of overheads, so make sure you only ever bet what you can afford to lose.

Final Thought

Live roulette is gambling just like any other kind of roulette. The only difference is that it provides an excellent opportunity to practice and enjoy the thrill of betting while not risking a huge amount of money.

If you know how to bet on live roulette, you can start winning real money in practically no time at all—just choose one of the best as evolution live roulette.