Ketogenic diet has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. There are lots of keto diet blogs on the net which tell you what to eat and few also offer detailed meal plan to follow. While keto is still new there is only little research on the duration of diet, still studies suggest that keto helps in losing weight.

There are few things one should consider before starting their journey towards health and weight loss. Health Coach Idrees Samih has shared many tips which are helpful for the beginners. We have gathered a list of 10 steps beginner should take before trying keto diet. So let’s get started with it.

10 Steps to begin your journey with keto:

  1. Know the right fat:

Knowing about the fat is first and crucial step to start ketogenic diet many bloggers like Bariatric station keto diet blog stress on following the step. A perfect keto diet plan includes healthy dose of right fats. You should look for healthy variety of unsaturated fats like olive, cottage and cheddar cheese, meat, avocado, nuts eggs, salmon, etc. Change your foods like rice, bread, pasta with these healthy foods. 

  1. Stay updated with research:

The best way to start with the keto diet is to know all about it. Read from reliable online sources and if possible consult with nutritionist or ask from the people in your surroundings who are getting better lifestyle with the amazing diet. Read and analyze and see if you are able to manage the diet without any issues.

  1. Talk to medical expert:

Understand your body needs and it is best to consult with medical practitioner about the diet plan that whether it is good for you or not. Sometimes special health condition and use of medication restrict use of food and it might not e suitable with the diet plan.

  1. Make healthy Keto meal plan:

You can start from the simple keto diet menu, when it is your first time as a beginner with the things in your home.  Make a diet chart to follow and do not go for cheat days.

  1. Keep hydrated:

Keep yourself hydrated as it is a biggest challenge in the diet to keep body active by staying hydrated. Starting a keto diet might lead to fatigue and dehydration so make sure you are drinking enough water.

  1. Eat the right amount:

Eat the right amount of food. Some people think eating as little as possible will help them lose weight but it can also cause serious weakness and health issues.

  1. Prepare for changes:

Bariatric station keto diet blog will bring changes in your eating habits and in your lifestyle. You may also have flu like symptoms and fatigue or nausea in initial days.

  1. Inform your family:

Inform your family about your crucial step toward health and ensure they understand all about it.

  1. Track your progress:

Keto is successful way to lose weight so it is better to track your progress.

  1. Know when it is time to stop:

Keto is not a forever diet plan so you must go back to your usual lifestyle and know when it is time to stop the diet.