Its time to pull out the beret, brush up on your oui and non. France is calling and it can’t wait. Here are ten reasons why you should get on that tour to France before everyone else does. 

1. Beat everyone else to the world’s favourite city

Now is the best time to visit the world’s favourite tourist destination while there still plenty of space and queues at France’s most popular attractions are still small. Booking France tours now will land you a personalised experience that won’t be available for long. 

2. Art and Architecture

See the Mona Lisa, Whistler’s Mother the Eiffel Tower, the Arch D’ Triomph – and that is just in Paris. Now is the time to see these world treasures, guided and prioritised by an experienced tour operator.

3. The Riviera and the Cotê d’Azur

Frances famous beaches St Tropez and Cannes enjoy the perfect temperatures for sunbathing and swimming. Your tour of France will take you from Cannes to Monaco, experiencing the spectacular scenic route overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. 

4. French fashion

High end fashion labels burst out of France’s many boutiques. Vintage clothing and accessory hunting is a great way to spend time on a France tour, with inside tips from your guide on where to find the best bargains. 

5. French cuisine

Good food is the essence of French culture. Follow your tour guide to patisseries, cheese shops and restaurants that serve classic French dishes. Eat fresh baguettes and brie at a country inn, like a local. 

6. French Wine 

France’s famous wine regions are ready to welcome you and your palate – Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Provence and Loire Valley are just the start. Your tour of France will take you through stunning scenery, tasting the best wine available anywhere. 

7. Versailles and the palaces of kings 

The beautiful baroque masterpiece that is Versailles is the jewel in the crown, so to speak, but France boasts many more historical and stunning Chateaus to explore. From riverside extravaganzas to hilltop fortresses, take a trip back in time through France’s remnants of a gilded age. 

8. Musuems 

French museums like the military Musée de l’Armée dot the landsape and enjoy millions of visitors. These architectural wonders are filled with treasures, beautiful oject d’art, and unique, historical pieces. 

9. Battlegrounds

France has seen its fair share of famous battles from Henry V’s Battle of Agincourt to the WW1’S Battle of the Somme. Pay your respects to soldiers past by visiting the battlegrounds of some of the world’s most historically significant skirmishes. 

11. Graveyards

Still on a sombre theme, France is the last resting place of many a historical figure. Its unusual and historically interesting graveyards such as the La Boulaye, Passy and Loyasse draw many visitors and you could be one of them.

Put France first on your list and book a tour of Europe’s favourite playground today. Customise your tour to suit your own interests or choose a curated tour of France designed by the experts.