Web hosting services have evolved considerably in the last decade. Owing to the huge consumer base with a variety of requirements, hosting providers have introduced many novel services. They have become creative and made advances in hosting and internet technologies. With it, we are witnessing an era of a highly competitive web hosting industry where only the most convenient and high-end services prevail.

WordPress hosting is a popular and value-added service of the modern hosting industry. Meant to be exclusive to only WordPress users, it has gained fame as a convenience hosting service. Although there is a lot more to it than the regular web hosting service, it is still priced close to the shared hosting service.

The idea behind any WordPress hosting service is to make a WordPress website easier to host by giving it a pre-configured hosting environment. Although the best hosting providers claim there is much difference between shared hosting and WordPress hosting, it is not that much. It is one of the many reasons why people still tend to go for a regular shared hosting service than WordPress hosting.

That, however, is not the case with MilesWeb.

MilesWeb is a leading hosting provider that specializes in WordPress hosting and has received outstanding responses from its many clients. Especially because MilesWeb provides truly awesome WordPress hosting services.

Let’s see why the WordPress hosting services are so well-received by their clientele.

Fully Managed

MilesWeb provides fully managed WordPress hosting services. It is an advanced version of regular WordPress hosting services that intends to provide more value and ease of accessibility for the users. In managed WordPress hosting, the provider completely takes over the management and maintenance work of hosting. It allows the users to worry less about the hosting so that they can focus on improving their website.


Like any standard WordPress hosting, MilesWeb also pre-configures the settings and application for WordPress. It provides a perfectly compatible hosting environment for a WordPress site and reduces much of the technical grunt work. At MilesWeb, they also pre-install various plugins and other applications that may work well with the website.

Instant Provisioning

Many service providers out there take some time to offer hosting even after completing the full payment. It is a buffer period to confirm all the validations and take care of other formalities before the hosting is live. However, MilesWeb gives instant provisioning to its users. Unlike other service providers, MilesWeb does not waste even a single second to take your hosting live as soon as they confirm your payment.

Free SSL Certification

MilesWeb offers free SSL certification for your websites with all their hosting services. SSL certificates are an important component of web hosting. It is the only way to make your website trustworthy to visitors. Certification authorities charge a certain registration amount for SSL certification that is limited to one year or more. With MilesWeb, you can save money on the SSL certificate and get a perfectly secure and verified website up and running.

100% SSD Memory

The servers that MilesWeb use for their managed WordPress hosting services are completely made of Solid State Drives or SSDs. SSDs are among the latest and fastest storage drives in existence. Their performance is almost 200% more than that of conventional disk drives.

Automatic Updates

WordPress releases constant updates for its plugins and themes. The application itself needs to be updated every once in a while. With the managed WordPress hosting, you get a software application that automatically installs all the WordPress updates. MilesWeb has a team of certified WordPress experts who have years of experience in hosting technologies. They actively monitor your hosting and install suitable upgrades to keep your website’s performance at the optimum.

More Secure

As mentioned earlier, a team of experts continuously monitors your hosting and website’s performance. In addition to that, they run malware scans and remove any irregularities along with malware like spam mail, etc. They also do the caching of the hosting and website that adds an extra layer of security to the website.

Free Website Migration

MilesWeb does not charge a single penny to the clients who wish to switch their hosting provider with MilesWeb. The technical team of MilesWeb undertakes the migration process and transfers the website data to its hosting servers. Since it is done by experts with hands-on experience for free, it saves you both money and time.

Daily Backups

With the managed WordPress hosting, MilesWeb regularly takes the backup of your website’s data. Data backups are lifesavers. In the event of emergencies that may result in data loss, the data backups act as the lifeline to safeguard your work and intellectual property. Although it is not foolproof protection, they sure come in handy in distressful situations.

Dedicated WordPress Support

The selling point of MilesWeb is its excellent 24/7 customer support. With managed WordPress hosting, you are privileged to receive dedicated technical support for your WordPress hosting. Aside from its constant availability, the dedicated support assures you of perfect technical guidance to resolve your hosting issues. It is an exclusive perk that only users of managed WordPress hosting get to enjoy. Here is the list of MilesWeb’s managed WordPress hosting plans-