In the world’s second most populated country, and one of the developing economies, India is home to a maximum number of regional language speakers across the country.Now, like Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam and other regional languages are considerably valuable languages when it comes to increasing one’s business prospects and dealing with customers and clients.The requirement of good regional content is essential for any company to undertake. They can do this with the help of keyboard layout software over translation services.

There are a few more programmes for typing in native Indian languages, but only a few are good. In this article, we’ll go through the top three Android applications for learning Indian languages that are light, fast, and super simple to use:

1. Desh Keyboards:

Desh Keyboards is a 2017 Android developer. Currently, there are 15 apps in the portfolio. We believe that Desh Keyboards’ apps have accumulated roughly 20 million installs in total, with 600 thousand of those occurring in the last 30 days. Hindi Keyboard, Gujarati Keyboard, Tamil Keyboard, Japanese Keyboard – Romaji to Japanese, Marathi Keyboard, Kannada Keyboard, and Telugu Keyboard are only a few of the most significant programs. They’ve all been deployed over a million times in total.

2. Bharat Keyboard

The Bharat Keyboard is so much popular nowadays with its voice typing and other amazing features. The software allows you to personalize your texts in 21 Indian languages and six dialects, and it also uses AI, deep learning, natural language processing, and data analytics to forecast your typing activity in real time. An Indian startup named Bobble AI has released the Bharat keyboards, which is a collection of regional typing keyboards. It aims to provide its customers the best typing experience possible and to make them fall in love with typing. Bharat keyboards concern about the user feedback which will help them for future development.

Bengali Keyboard: If you want to speak bangla fluently in your conversations? With its extensive collection of stickers, GIF libraries, attractive fonts, and themes, Bangla Keyboard App can easily accomplish this.

Marathi Keyboard: Is it true that the English keyboard makes talks less enjoyable? With this Marathi keyboard App you may express your emotions in your native tongue. Personalize the keyboard with different themes and send entertaining regional stickers and GIFs.

3. Indic Keyboard:

Our top pick for the finest app for writing in Indian languages is this comprehensive tool, which supports 23 languages and 54 layouts. Although the app size is larger than competitors, it loads lightning quickly and performs admirably. The keyboard has a user interface that is comparable to that of the default keyboard. Because it is free and open source, you may expect it to collect and sell your personal information.

4. GBoard:

Gboard has been at the top of the Android keyboard mountain for a reason: outstanding predictions thanks to machine learning, easy access to gifs and sticker packs like the Disney Stickers collections, and a dictionary linked to your Google account, so it follows you around. Gboard’s themes aren’t as varied or stylish as those on other keyboards, but they’re nonetheless attractive. You can also produce your own gifs on Gboard, as iOS users have been allowed to do for quite some time. Gboard also supports a wide range of languages from all around the world. Free is one of the top Android keyboard apps, as well as one of the best Android apps overall.

5. Mint Keyboard:

Xiaomi’s Mint Keyboard is a feature-rich, user-friendly keyboard. It has a keyboard in your native language: you can text in multiple Indian languages! You can type in Hinglish or any other language that is a combination of Indian English and another language. You can also type in English and have it automatically transformed to any language (Transliterate). For typing and Speech-to-Text, this keyboard 10supports all Indian languages.

6. SwiftKey

One of the most popular Android keyboards now has support for nine languages (Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Assamese, Konkani, Oriya, and Manipuri) as well as Devanagari, Tamil, and Gujarati scripts. Swiftkey is extremely configurable, simple to use, and boasts unrivaled auto-correct accuracy. They invented predictive testing and swipe to type.’

7.  Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy Keyboard is an Android keyboard that combines a robust, comprehensive set of functionalities with an appealing design, making it one of the most comprehensive keyboards available. Beyond changing the colour and size of the keyboard, there are several ways to personalise Fleksy Keyboard. It also has a number of regional languages to choose from. On your Android smartphone or tablet, type your text and enjoy the greatest and fastest keyboard app ever!

8. Lipikar Keyboard

Lipikaar is an easy-to-use typing tool that works with all Indian languages. Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, and Kodagu are among India’s varied languages and scripts supported by Lipikar. You can also use it with languages other than English, such as Brahui, Baluchi, Dzongkha, Nepali, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Sinhala, Tulu, and Urdu.

9.  Swalekh:

Swalekh is a new software, but it packs a punch. Its three typing styles – Native, Phonetic, and Macaronic – are the key selling points. Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Odia, Telugu, Assamese, Malayalam, and Tamil are currently supported. More Indian languages will be added to Android soon, according to the company.

10. Quillpad Keyboard

Quillpad Keyboard allows you to write in regional Indian languages with ease. While you can write swiftly with the intelligent keyboard, handwritten gesture recognition adds a new dimension to the experience. You’ll enjoy sending letters to friends and family, posting messages on social media, exchanging jokes, looking up lyrics, and more. Everything is written in your native tongue.

Bharat Keyboard is the programmed to use if you prefer to text in other languages. Although it has limited customizability, we anticipate it being added in future releases. The apps listed above can be used as the best regional keyboard apps for Android devices. You won’t have to worry about their functionality or interface because they’ve all been tried and tested. Complete of the apps mentioned have something special to offer, from an AI-based keyboard to all Indian language compatibility.