Certain companies render exceptional services in their industry, but the same industry also has a host of poor-quality service providers. Unfortunately, if we choose a poor firm the first time around, it would make us think twice about the industry as a whole the next time we require help.

Similarly, many misconceptions and myths about hiring immigration lawyers have arisen due to people’s unsatisfactory experiences with them. If you wish to hire one, though, let us help you clear all those misconceptions and allow you to see the clearer picture.

Myth # 1Immigration solicitors are Just Interested in Your Money

Immigration lawyers indeed charge a fee like every service provider.

But that does not mean that they are only interested in money.

For reputable and credible immigration lawyers, Mishoura should be your first port of call. We can put you in touch with Immigration Solicitors who genuinely care about providing exceptional services for the money paid.

Also, they ensure that you get the best possible service at fair rates. Those immigrants who require help from solicitors can confirm some important aspects to get a better idea regarding their value for their money. They should ask about the solicitor’s experience in your area, look up reviews from their clientele, and ask for their certification.

Myth # 2 Youthink you Do Not Require Help from an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration lawyers are beneficial for all immigrants. Whether you are stuck with nationality, Indefinite Leave to Remain, or any other immigration issue, immigration lawyers can help you at every step. Unfortunately, some immigrants often think they may not require help from immigration lawyers, but they are often mistaken.

Immigration issues involve several legalities and complex documentation, which may not be easy for you to understand. Also, there are chances that you may submit inappropriate information or fill incorrect information in the forms, resulting in disapprovals and rejections. To avoid these issues, it is wise to have a helping hand to guide you throughout the process.

Myth # 3 Immigration solicitorsDo Not Make a Big Difference

The immigration law of the United Kingdom is pretty complex. You are at a loss if you do not have an expert beside you. The immigration laws also require you to take help from professionals and make them your representative when resolving issues.

For instance, if you need a Residence Card, your immigration lawyer will help you apply for it without any hassle and assist you in obtaining it promptly. They know the technicalities when it comes to resolving such matters.

Hence, immigration law is not just about filling out forms; it is much more. The right experts make a big difference and help you get through the process seamlessly.

Myth # 4 Immigration Lawyers are Liars

Lawyers are portrayed in various films as scumbags who will lie to protect immoral clients. While that sounds dramatic, the reality is quite different. Lawyers may not lie or incite others to lie. This is known as perjury, or to make a false statement under oath.

Myth # 5 Immigration Lawyers are Filthy Rich

Lawyers are not all wealthy. Only a few people fall under this category. Those who are fortunate enough to make a lot of money usually work for huge companies or rich clients. The salary of a lawyer is often determined by his location and legal specialisation.

Solicitors in the United Kingdom make an average of £55,200 per year, or £3,380 per month. The average entry salary is £34,700, with top earners earning over £140,000. Junior solicitors and trainee solicitors earn the least amount of money.

Myth # 6 Immigration Lawyers are Expensive

No, it is not always the case. A lack of cash should not deter people from hiring an immigration lawyer, especially if they have a compelling reason to do so. 

Many immigration solicitors work on a fixed fee basis so there are no hidden costs or fees; it’s always best to shop around and do your research before choosing the firm of immigration lawyers you want to represent you.

Myth # 7 To be an immigration lawyer, you have to be emotionless

This one is simply wrong – in the case of immigration proceedings, particularly those involving family or children, then sensitivity is vital.

However, while it is true that immigration lawyersdo require to have some degree of cynicism to examine facts and present arguments to the Court, this does not mean they have to becold or misanthropic!

Myth # 8 Immigration solicitors collude with police, judges, and the government

It is disheartening that some people believe lawyers are dishonest and frequently participate in covert actions with prosecutions. The truth, however, is distant from reality.

Immigration Lawyers collaborate with prosecutors, judges, the government, and police officers, but only on ethical reasons and only above the table. Negotiations may take place, but only in the best interests of the lawyer’s client and to achieve the best possible results.

Myth # 9 Lawyers need to be aggressive to be good

Lawyers are frequently expected to be aggressive and confrontational. This is far from the case, as the top lawyers hardly never cause disruptions in court. 

Competent immigration lawyers are committed to studying the intricacies and complexities of the law in order to thoroughly examine their clients’ cases. They must, however, be articulate and efficient conversationalists at all times.

Myth # 10 Hiring an Immigration solicitor should be a last resort

Nothing could be further from the truth, particularly when dealing with immigration issues.

Immigration is all-encompassing and can get extremely confusing, especially if you aren’t aware of the rules, regulations and laws surrounding UK Immigration Law.

So if you are dealing with anything to do with immigration, we suggest you contact either a team of immigration barristers or immigration solicitors immediately.

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Written By Omar Shams