If you’re an advertiser, then surely you’re looking forward to the new year.  Why?  Because there will be plenty of changes and updates that Google and Bing will implement.

To learn more about what these upcoming changes are, read on as we share with you the 10 most important PPC trends to know in 2022:

1) The growth of voice search.   

It is estimated that by 2022, more than 50% of all searches will be through voice or speech recognition technologies such as Apple’s Siri or Amazon Echo’s Alexa. With the ever-growing popularity of smart home speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, it has become easier for people to interact with their devices using their voices rather than typing text into a mobile device. And with the increased use of these devices, advertisers must be mindful to have their paid search ads ready to answer questions through voice searches.

2)  Mobile PPC ad spending increases.   

It is estimated that by 2022, mobile advertising will comprise more than 85% of all internet advertising spend worldwide up from 72% in 2017. With an average cost-per-click rate for smartphones higher than tablet devices and desktop computers combined, advertisers are urged to maximize their investment in this trend especially now that most consumers are using mobile devices more often when they browse online.

3) A rise in influencer marketing.   

According to a study done by WARC, influencer marketing has grown by 200% since 2014 making it one of the top trends marketers should invest in. With their wide range of followers and loyal fans, influencers have proven to be a powerful ally for advertisers. However, as more brands invest in this type of marketing, it has become hard to stand out from the crowd.  Therefore, advertisers must find ways how they can make themselves more noticeable among their competitors such as through social listening or building relationships with key influencers.

4) A rise in Voice Search Ads (VSA).   

By 2022, 20% of all mobile searches will result in action without any form of user interaction such as swiping up/down or tapping on anything – this is commonly known as Tap-less Mobile Search.  This means that there are now more opportunities for brands to have their ads shown on mobile devices since these are no longer dependent on the user having to type in keywords, but instead voice searches.

5) Conversion optimization becomes important.   

A recent study by Google found that only 2% of all conversions happen during the first visit, so it’s logical why conversion rate optimization (CRO) is now an important PPC trend for advertisers to take note of. According to Liana Evans, CRO will become even more critical as more and more people turn to smart home speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. With VSA becoming a common search behavior, advertisers must make sure that they’re able to connect with consumers through relevant ads, or else their competitors will be there to take their place.

6) Higher CPC for mobile searches.   

The search volume on smartphones is increasing each year, so it only makes sense to be prepared if you intend to invest big in this area.  Another important thing to take note of here is that because of the higher cost-per-clicks (CPCs) for smartphones, advertisers are now urged to optimize not only their bids but also ad copy and landing pages as well.

7) The rise of Predictive Search Ads (PSA).   

According to Google, predictive search ads are one of the most promising features within Google’s paid search platform. With PSA, users are given relevant ads paired with tailored search engine results based on their previous interests and online behaviors. While this feature is still being tested, it could be a possible game-changer for advertisers who are struggling to stay ahead of the curve.

8) Facebook becomes more expensive.   

With how competitive it has become, especially with the large number of advertisers joining each day, CPCs have actually increased which means that ad campaigns on social media sites will need to be optimized accordingly if you want your ads to stand out.  Because of this, brands should consider making use of other platforms aside from Facebook since Google for instance claims 0% increase in their average cost-per-click rates for text ads.

9) Paid social become even more popular.   

According to a report released by Smart Insights, paid social ad spend has increased by 70% over the last two years due in part to the large number of users purchasing products from Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. In order for brands to take advantage of these opportunities, caution should always be taken when implementing strategies because it may not

Are Google Ads Worth It? 10 Reasons Why They Are

Advertising is available everywhere, no matter if it’s on TV, radio or even in the subway stations. However, finding an ad that really works for your business is a real challenge. There are many forms of advertising, but Google Ads might be one of the most powerful ones.

Are they worthwhile? Will you make enough money with them? Those are common questions asked by people who don’t know exactly how Google Ads works and how you can benefit from them. That’s why this article was created – to give you all the information you need about Google Ads!

First off, let us explain what these ads are all about. The thing is that there are lots of websites out there where owners put up ads just like any other commercial. However, Google Ads are different. Google doesn’t just select any website to put up ads on, but it chooses the websites that have more traffic and are of higher quality.

Hence, if you place your ad on a website that has lots of visitors, then there is a good chance that people will click the ad. Even more, they might actually buy something from you! On the other hand, if you choose some small site with very little traffic (no matter how good the content might be), no one will see your ad or even know about its existence since no visitor will ever come across it! Thus, only premium sites get to make money out of Google Ads.

What’s also great about these ads is that they appear on a larger scale – they can appear on a whole page or even on the front page of a site! Plus, you get to put up as many ads as you want – there are no limits! Still, each ad has its budget, which is how much money you agree to spend on it. Now that you know the benefits of Google Ads and how to make them work for your business, it’s time to find the best Google Ads Ecommerce agency. They will help you with everything from creating ads and landing pages to formulating marketing strategies.